Author Index

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Author Position Company
A.C. Gysbers Corporate Principal Materials Engineer The Equity Engineering Group, Inc.
A.R. Hamzah Malaysian Nuclear Agency
Aaron Cook Vice President of Business Development Aetos Group
Abdelmounam Sherik Research Science Consultant Saudi Aramco Research and Development Center
Abderrazak Traidia Research Scientist Saudi Aramco Research and Development Center
Abdullah Al-Harbi Kuwait Oil Company
Adam Gardner NDE Specialist PinnacleART
Adnan A. Boudi, Ph.D, P.E., AVS. Senior Petroleum Engineer SPE International
Afshin Motarjemi Senior Integrity Engineer TWI
Allan McIntyre Cenovus Energy
Alphonse W. Hegger Jr., P.E. Staff Consultant Stress Engineering Services
Amanda Nurse Maintenance & Reliability Engineer BP
Amin Muhammed TWI
Ana Benz Materials Engineer IRISNDT
André Lamarre Business Development Manager - Power Generation and Pipeline Industries Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas
Andrew Balcar Bricker and Eckler LLP
Andy Kates Business Development Manager - Rope Access Division Versa Integrity Group
Andy Tallin DNV Inc.
Angelique N. Lasseigne Chief Technology Officer G2MT
Anthony J. Rutkowski Mechanical Integrity Specialist A.J. Rutkowski, LLC
Anthony M. Damron RBI Staff Specialist The Equity Engineering Group, Inc.
Antonio Seijas Sr. Fixed Equipment Engineer Phillips 66 Company
Art Leach Krautkramer
Arthur Jensen Mechanical Reliability Specialist Sunoco, Inc.
Arun Sreeranganathan Senior Associate Stress Engineering Services Inc.
Ashfaq Anwer Inspection Engineer
B.K. Shah Quality Assurance Division BARC
Barbara Lasseigne Product Manager Envoc
Barry Snider President and CEO Small Hammer Incorporated
Berg Engineering
Bernie Weber Det Norske Veritas
Bill Davies, P.E. Engineering & Inspection Services, LLC
Blake Stermer Sr. Mechanical Integrity/Turnaround Consultant Sentinel Integrity Solutions
Bob Baker John H. Carter Co., Inc.
Bob Browne ERA Technology
Bob Lasser President & CEO Imperium, Inc.
Bob Stakenborghs, P.E. Evisive Inc.
Bobby Wright, P.E. Principal Stress Engineering Services
Borja Lopez President and CEO Innerspec Technologies, Inc.
Brad Moore Senior Project Manager PinnacleART
Bradley Baudier Senior Refinery Inspector Marathon Petroleum Company LP
Brandon M. Watson, Esq. Attorney GableGotwals
Brian Beresford TechCorr Inspection & Engineering
Brian J. Fitzgerald Sr. Staff Consultant Stress Engineering Services
Brian Marino Engineering Specialist PinnacleART
Brian Maslar Technical Director Amplify Technology Solutions
Brian Olson Senior Analyst Stress Engineering Services Inc.
Brian Wilson Business Development Manager, Energy Markets Thermo Fisher Scientific
Brigdet Hayes TWI
Britt Bettell API 570/580 Inspector Stress Engineering Services
Bruce A. Pellegrino Co-Founder and VP of Marketing Sensor Networks, Inc.
Bruce Levan Levan Engineering Ltd.
Bryan Kenzie TWI
Buddy Powers VP - Product Management and Technical Services Clock Spring Company
C.P. Hsiao
Carlos A. Palacios CiMA-TQ
Cathy Shargay Fluor Daniel, Inc.
Cesar Espinoza Engineering Specialist Lead PinnacleART
Chad Patschke, CPSA Principal Ethos Mechanical Integrity Solutions
Charles L. Foster Staff Engineer Pacific Gas & Electric
Chris Ablitt Senior Risk Engineer TWI
Chris Leightell VP of Sales Industrial SkyWorks
Chuck Provost VP of Operations Sentinel Integrity Solutions
Clay Goudy Sales Manager GE Industrial Solutions
Clay Rodery Fixed Equipment Technical Authority BP
Cliff Knight, P.E. President and Chief Engineer KnightHawk Engineering, Inc.
Clint Rupert Founder and President Engineered Resin Solutions (ERS)
Connie LaMorte Principal Engineer EWI
Constance Reichert Edison Welding Institute
Craig Alan Swift, P.E. Project Manager Bureau Veritas
Craig Emslie BSc Integrity Services Specialist Sonomatic Ltd.
Curtis Plumlee President and CEO Plumlee Associates, Inc.
D G Jones PII Pipeline Solutions business of GE Oil & Gas
D. Baham Mechanical Engineering and Inspection Superintendent ConocoPhillips
D. Mukherjee Head of Quality Assurance Division Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
Dan Carnevale Danatronics Corporation
Dan Quinn In TANK Services, Inc.
Dan Revelle, Sr. Sr. Consulting Engineer Quest Integrity Group, LLC
Dana G. Williams Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC
Dana P. Albert Acutech Consulting, Inc.
Dana Schmidt Standards Engineer STI/SPFA
Daniel Ayewah, P.E. Senior Associate Stress Engineering Services Inc.
Daniel Cypriano Inspection Coordinator Petrobras
Daniel J. Grucza Senior Attorney Hunton & Williams LLP
Daniel Oehl Imperium, Inc.
Dave Palmbach DBA Systems, Inc.
David A. Hansen, PhD, PE Metallurgical Consulting, Inc.
David A. Hunter Global Business Development Director Neptune Research, Inc.
David A. Mauney Southwest Research Institute
David A. Moore, PE, CSP AcuTech Consulting, Inc.
David A. Osage President and Principal Engineer The Equity Engineering Group
David Aldrich Management Consultant North Highland
David E. Moore
Editorial Board Member
Refining Metallurgical and Corrosion Engineering Expert Becht Engineering, PONO Division
David Jordan Chief Inspector CVR Energy
David L. Bryan, Jr. Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC
David McCann Turnaround Manager Sentinel Integrity Solutions Inc.
David N. French
David R. Hall Longview Inspection
David Silverling Tubular Ultrasound, L.P.
Deal Moore NDE Seals, Inc.
Del Underwood Det Norske Veritas
Dennis Smythe Fluor Daniel, Inc.
Devon Brendecke, P.E. Consulting Engineer Quest Integrity Group
Dhananjay H. Rawal Director Systech Consultancy Services
Dheeraj Narang Sr. Mechanical Engineer Haldor Topsoe India Pvt Ltd.
Don Cook Principal Safety Engineer State of California
Donald Brou Technical Services Manager Capitol Ultrasonics
Donald McNichol Application Specialist Evisive, Inc.
Doug Shevelow Bricker and Eckler LLP
Douglas Marriott Staff Consultant Stress Engineering Services Inc.
Dr. Brian Cane Asset Integrity Specialist
Dr. Donald H. Timbres D. & E. Consulting, Inc.
Dr. G. Fulop Maxtech International, Inc.
Dr. Jake Davies Marketing Director Permasense Ltd.
Dr. James N. Barshinger Sensor Networks, Inc.
Dr. John Bowker Metals Technology Laboratories, CANMET
Dr. Kannan Subramanian, Ph. D., P.E. Senior Associate Stress Engineering Services Inc.
Dr. Kathy Buckingham Principal Engineer - Incident Investigation Group DNV GL
Dr. Michael S. Cayard Corrosion and Materials Lead Flint Hills Resources
Dr. Nand K. Gupta Omega International Technology, Inc.
Dr. Noam Amir Chief Technology Officer AcousticEye
Dr. Reza Azizian Mechanical Engineer - Vibration Specialist Engineering & Inspection Services, LLC
Dr. Russell D. Kane CLI International Inc.
Dr. W. David Wang Shell Oil Products Company
Dr. Yury Sokolov Asset Integrity Engineer SVT Engineering Consultants
Dylan Schrader Solutions Engineer PinnacleART
E.B. Lendvai-Lintner Exxon Research and Engineering Company
Ed Ginzel
Edwin A. Merrick, PE Senior Engineer The Augustus Group
Efrain Rios President Fortress Oil & Gas, LLC
Eitan Shibi Techs4Biz Corporation
Eivind Johnsen DNV Inc.
Elias Soto Cenovus Energy
Elizabeth Allen Senior Engineer DNV GL
Emery Lendvai-Lintner Exxon Research and Engineering Co.
Eric Luther P.E. Stress Engineering Services, Inc.
F Egan Zadco
F. Walter Pinto Manager, Stationary Equipment Lyondell Chemical Company
Fernando Vicente Asset Integrity and Reliability Consultant ABB
Frank Dean Ion Science, Ltd.
Fred Schenkelberg President FMS Reliability
Gary Mulcahy Chief Technology Officer Astrodyne TDI
Gary Penney Integrity Consultant ADMA
Gene Larson President ECHO Ultrasonics
Gene R. Meyer The Dow Chemical Company
Geoff Clarkson CEO and Founder UTComp, Inc.
George J. Licina Structural Integrity Associates, Inc.
George Jones ERA Technology, Inc.
George L. Getz The George Company
Gerrit M. Buchheim, P.E. Refining Metallurgical and Corrosion Expert Becht Engineering Co., Inc.
Glenn Light Southwest Research Institute
Grady Hatton Operations Manager Versa Integrity Group
Greg Alvarado
Editorial Board Member
Chief Editor Inspectioneering Journal
Greg Fletcher Principal North Highland Worldwide Consulting
Greg Garic Managing Principal Stress Engineering Services, Inc.
Greg Kobrin
Guy Bogar Inspection Superintendent HollyFrontier - Tulsa Refinery
Guy St-Arneault, P.E. Sr. Mechanical Integrity Group Engineer GCM Consultants
H. Wuestenberg
H.A. Wolf Exxon Research and Engineering Company
Hannah Boon Technical Writer and Content Creator Inspectioneering, LLC
Harold Marburger Quality Assurance Manager Dunn Heat Exchangers
Hearl E. Mead Jr. Pressure Equipment Manager - Shell Deer Park Site Shell Oil Company
Hegeon Kwun Southwest Research Institute
Heidi Slinkard Brasher McAfee & Taft, PC
Henrique Ventura Industrial Maintenance Manager Petrobras
Holly F. Baker Baker Inspection Group, L.L.C.
Hossam Aboegla Sr. Integrity Engineer Lloyd's Register Energy
Houssam Sabry Manager of Corrosion and Inspection ADNOC LNG
Hugo Julien, P.E. Mechanical Integrity Group Manager GCM Consultants
Ian D. Smith, P.Eng. Senior Consulting Engineer - Pipelines Quest Integrity Group
Ian Partridge TWI
Ibrahim Kodssi Integrity, RBI and Reliability Independent Consultant
Israel D. Martinez Inspection Engineer ORPIC
J Healy Macaw Engineering Ltd
Jack Fraser Cenovus Energy
Jackson Espinoza Refractory Division Manager Sentinel Integrity Solutions
Jacob Manuel, P.E. Stress Engineering Services, Inc.
James Cheng Technical Expoert Bureau Veritas
James L. Doyle Quest Integrated, Inc.
James R. Widrig Principal Consulting Engineer Quest Integrity
James Wilson Asset Integrity Manager Quest Integrity
Jan Verkooijen Research and Development Director TUV Rheinland Sonovation
Jason Butz NDT Instructor/Technician SAIT Polytechnic
Jason C. Shankle Vice President of Operations United Dynamics Corporation
Jason Hicks Tubular Ultrasound, L.P.
Jason Mallett Director of Aggreko Process Services (APS) Aggreko
Jay N. Rothbart PCMS Division Conam Inspection Inc.
Jeannie Beth Richey PSM Specialist Sasol North America, Inc.
Jeff Vollmer Rotating Equipment Engineer Engineering & Inspection Services, LLC
Jeffrey Foushee Client Solutions Specialist Pinnacle Advanced Reliability Technologies
Jeremiah Wooten VP and General Counsel Inspectioneering, LLC.
Jeremy Wimberly Operations Manager - Refractory Sentinel Integrity Solutions
Jerry Crawford Co-Founder and President TGC Engineers
Jim Anspach Director of Utility Market and Practice Development Cardno, Inc.
Jim Yukes International Marketing Specialist Russell Technologies, Inc.
Joe Brinz, P.E. Principal Mechanical Engineer Engineering & Inspection Services, LLC
Joe Frey, PE Power Practice Lead Engineer Stress Engineering, Inc.
Joe Nichols Sr. Inspector Valero Energy
Joe Pikas Technical Toolboxes
Joey Johnston CEO and President DronePro, LLC
Joey Poret Chevron
John Bowker Materials Technology Laboratory
John Brear ERA Technology Ltd.
John Brightling Johnson Matthey Catalyst
John Companik BP
John E. Niesse
John Morgan Thermo Fisher Scientific
John Norris, P.E. Staff Consultant Stress Engineering Services
John Nyholt
Editorial Board Member
NDT Subject Matter Expert John Nyholt Consulting, LLC
John Reynolds
Editorial Board Member
Principal Consultant Intertek
John T. Iman Vertical Oil and Gas Leader GE Oil and Gas Measurement & Controls-Inspection Technology
John Tiratsoo Pipelines International
John Williamson ERA Technology Ltd.
John Wintle TWI
Jon Jennings Oil & Gas Business Development Director EWI
Jonathan D. Dobis Materials and Corrosion Director The Equity Engineering Group, Inc.
Jonathan Martinez Director of Operations PK Technology
Joseph E. Pascente Lixi, Inc.
Joseph M. Mazzeo
Josh Arceneaux Expert Practitioner North Highland Worldwide Consulting
Josh Havekost Project Team Lead BP
Josh Means Corporate Accounts Lead Inspectioneering, LLC
Josh Yoakam Integrity Engineer Holly Refining and Marketing - Tulsa, LLC
Joshua E. Jackson CEO G2MT
Julian Speck Structural Integrity Department Manager TWI Ltd.
Justin Nickel Corporate Marketing Manager PK Technologies
K.K. Abdulla Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
Karen Gibson Principal Integrity Engineer Sonomatic Ltd.
Keith Lapeyrouse Consultant Process Reliability Solutions
Kelley Jones Pro-Inspect Inc.
Kelly Lagana BLR
Kelsey Hevner Quest Integrity Group
Ken Gottselig Chief Engineer for Mechanical and Civil Engineering BP America Production Company
Ken Latino Technical Product Manager GE Digital
Ken Miertschin Iris Inspection Services, Inc
Kent Coleman Electric Power Research Institute
Kevin Birkby Client Solutions Engineer PinnacleART
Kevin Somers Inspectorate
Khulani Ndimande Consulting Engineer ABB Consulting
Kimberley Hayes Business Development Manager Olympus
Kyle Dunn Compliance Manager Dunn Heat Exchangers, Inc.
Lange Kimball Sr. Piping Engineer Stress Engineering Services
Layne Tucker EchoRFID
Laza Krstin Principal Consultant ABB
Lee Williamson Manager T.A. Cook Consultants, Inc.
Len Adler Cenovus Energy
Leo Vega Senior Associate Stress Engineering Services, Inc.
Leomar Penuela Senior Consultant-Corrosion Specialist Asset Optimization Consultants
Linda Otaigbe Associate Jackson Lewis P.C.
Loganatha Pandian Mechanical Engineer Meridium, Inc.
Luciano Narcisi GIE
Lyle Breaux P.E. Stress Engineering Services, Inc.
Lynne Kaley
Editorial Board Member
Principal Engineer Trinity Bridge LLC / Trinity Bridge Digital
M.Z. Umar Malaysian Nuclear Agency
Mahdi Al-Marzouqi ADGAS
Marc Laplante Meridium
Marc McConnell, P.E.
Editorial Board Member
Metallurgy and Fixed Equipment Engineering Coordinator Pro-Surve Technical Services
Mark Badrick Senior Reliability Engineer Bahrain Petroleum Company
Mark Bagnell Equipment Management & Inspection
Mark Bell Senior Asset Integrity Consultant Ethos Mechanical Integrity Solutions
Mark Feydo VP of Engineering Sensor Networks, Inc.
Mark Fitzgerald F.B. Dunn & Associates, Inc.
Mark Geisenhoff
Editorial Board Member
Global Fixed Equipment Leader Flint Hills Resources
Mark Lessard Thermo Fisher Scientific
Mark Rigdon CMRP, Manager T.A. Cook Consultants, Inc.
Mark Rosa, PE Harvard Business School
Mark Savage API Inspector Sentinel Integrity Solutions, Inc.
Mark Vining Inspection Supervisor, Philadelphia Refinery Sunoco Inc.
Martin Sauerschnig Senior Product Manager GE Oil and Gas Measurement and Control
Massimo Capra Manager - Process Services Aggreko
Matt Ellinger Senior Engineer DNV GL
Matt Midas Senior Account Executive GenesisSolutions
Matt Stroh
Matt Warnock Bricker and Eckler LLP
Matthew Green Global Technical Director Neptune Research, Inc.
Matthew K. Caserta, PE BASF
Mauricio Olivares Client Solutions Engineer Pinnacle ART
Mauricio Palomino Senior Solution Architect, Intelligent Pipelines GE Oil & Gas, Measurement & Control Business
Melissa Guerra Fixed Equipment Inspector Chevron Products Company
Melissa Ramkissoon Inspection Engineer Petrotrin
Michael Marshall, PE
Michael McGee Technical Advisor Quest Integrity Group
Michael Nugent Equity Engineering Group
Michael O. Nichols Fixed Equipment Reliability Specialist Marathon Petroleum Company
Michael S. Holman Bricker and Eckler LLP
Michael Turnquist Sr. Consulting Engineer Quest Integrity Group
Michael Twomey CONAM Inspection Inc.
Michelle Havlock Engineer DNV GL
Mike Asquini Project Manager T.A. Cook
Mike Badeen Reliability Manager Phillips 66 Co.
Mike Bartholmey Bureau Veritas Inspectorate
Mike Brown Advanced Services Division Manager Sentinel Integrity Solutions
Mike Guillot, PhD, PE Stress Engineering, Inc.
Mike Johnston Senior Consultant T. A. Cook Consultants, Inc.
Mike Sparago CorrSolutions
Mike Urzendowski Technical Advisor Valero Energy
Moh Hashemi Flour Daniel Inc.
Mohamed Amer Asset Integrity Manager TUV Rheinland
Mohamed Attia Chartered Engineer Saudi Aramco
Mohammed Siddiqui Mechanical Integrity Engineer Air Liquide
Murry Funderburg Independent Consultant
Muthukumar Nagu Lab Scientist I Saudi Aramco R&D Center
Nancy M. Carlson Idaho National Engineering Laboratory
Nassir B. Ibrahim, Dr, Ab.
Nayef Alanazi Science Specialist Saudi Aramco R&D Center
Neil Burns Associate II Stress Engineering Services
Neil Ferguson Joint Integrity Leader Hydratight
Nick Harwood VP - Operations Aetos Group
Nick R. Skinner Iris Inspection Services, Inc
Nick Schmoyer VP and Technical Director Inspectioneering
Nickole C. Winnett Principal Jackson Lewis P.C.
Nicolas Legregeois Bureau Veritas
Nolan L. Miller Engineering Associate SASOL North America
Orlando Costa
Oscar Quintero M&M Engineering Associates
P.A. Henry, P.E. Principal Mechanical Engineer The Equity Engineering Group, Inc.
P.E. Myers Chevron Research & Technology Co.
P.N. Sunil Kumar Specialized Inspection Consultant Kuwait Oil Company
P.R. Vaidya Quality Assurance Division BARC
Pamela Hamblin Director of Development and Operations Thielsch Engineering, Inc.
Paolo Torrado Mechanical Engineer Engineering and Inspection Services, LLC.
Paul Barringer Barringer & Associates
Paul F. Schubert, Ph.D. SGS North America Industrial Services
Paul J. Ramirez Quality Assurance Engineer NASA - Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Paul Jackson Plant Integrity Ltd.
Paul K. Davidson WIS, Inc.
Paul Marks NDT Training and Placement Center
Paul Pausky F.B. Dunn & Associates, Inc.
Pete Ankner Managing Director Amplify Technology Solutions
Peter Carter, PhD, PE Stress Engineering, Inc.
Peter Dsouza Corrosion and Materials Engineer LyondellBasell
Peter Forster ProStar
Peter Mudge Operations Director Pi Ltd.
Phil Smith Chevron
Philip Buchan Commercial Director Cyberhawk
Philip Myers Chevron Texaco
Philip Wallace
Phillip E. Prueter Principal Engineer The Equity Engineering Group, Inc.
Pieter VanderWerf President Building Works
Rajesh Bose Inspection Engineer BP
Ralph E. King P.E. Senior Staff Consultant Stress Engineering Services Inc.
Rami Mattar Technology Analyst Amerapex Corporation
Razak B. Hamzah Malaysian Institute for Nuclear Technology Research (MINT)
Reggie Cross ND Tech
Rex Schrunk P.E. Director/Chief Engineer Willbros Engineers
Rhett Dotson, P.E. Stress Engineering Services
Ricardo R. Valbuena DNV Inc
Richard D. Roberts Quest Integrity Group
Richard E. Rice Idaho National Engineering Laboratory
Richard Green Accurate Metallurgical Services
Richard L. Lopushanksy Southwest Research Institute
Richard Mills Vertical Oil and Gas Leader GE
Richard S. Boswell, P.E. Stress Engineering Services, Inc.
Richard W. Prugh Principal Process Safety Specialist Chilworth Technology (a DEKRA Insight company)
Rick Clark President CIA Inspection Inc.
Rick Eckert Senior Principal Engineer - Corrosion Management & Materials Advisory Services DNV GL - North America Oil & Gas
Rick Hoffman Sr. Engineering Advisor Becht Engineering
Rick Marsden Sr. Staff Engineer, Facility Integrity Cenovus Energy
Rikki Smith Owner Oilfield Jobs
Robert C. Davis P.E., Senior Engineer The Equity Engineering Group, Inc.
Robert Frater Sr. Mechanical Plant Engineer Engineering & Inspection Services, LLC
Robert Schaffler VP of Engineering G2MT LLC
Roland A. Goodman American Petroleum Institute
Rolland E. Stroup JBF Associates, Inc.
Ron Maurier Pipeline Integrity Manager Quest Integrity Group, LLC
Roy O. Christensen Integrity Specialist Christensen Qualityworks Inc.
Roy Schuyler DuPont DeNemours, Inc.
Russel T. Mack Chairman of the Board National Association of Inspection Companies (NAIC)
Russell Orr Metals Technologies Laboratories, CANMET
Ryan Corn Marathon Petroleum Company LP
Ryan Myers Operational Excellence Manager PinnacleART
Ryan Sitton PinnacleAIS
S. Anantharaman Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
Sam Ternowchek Vice President - Acoustic Emission Business Development Mistras Group
Samer E. Ibrahim Welding Engineer wood
Sanjoy Das Scientific Officer - Quality Assurance Division Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
Santhosh Lukose Metalcare Inspection Services Inc.
Sarah Lukens Data Scientist GE Digital
Scott Corey President of Operations Sentinel Integrity Solutions Inc.
Scott McNeill Ph.D., P.E. Stress Engineering Services
Scott Vest BP
Serge Bisson Mechanical Integrity Engineer GCM Consultants
Sergio Oliva Wild Well Control
Shana Telesz Senior Product Manager GE Measurement & Control
Shane Ryan Lead Maintenance Engineer Syncrude Canada
Shannon Read Staff Consultant Stress Engineering Services Inc.
Shaun W. Lawson Mechatronic Systems and Robotics Research Group, University of Surrey
Simon Yuen, P.E. Senior Advisor - Equipment Integrity Suncor Energy Inc.
Stefan Papenfuss Quest Integrity Group
Stephen Flory Senior Systems Specialist PinnacleART
Stephen J. Thomas Change Management Subject Matter Expert PK Technology
Stephen P. Webb Mechanical Engineer Metegrity
Steve Slusarenko Chief Field Engineer ProStar Geocorp, Inc.
Steven L. Braune, P.E. AEC Engineering, Inc.
Sudhakar Mahajanam Senior Engineering Specialist PinnacleART
Susan W. Borenstein Structural Integrity Associates, Inc.
T.C. Ridgeway & Staff TCRI
Tat-Hean Gan TWI Ltd.
Tata L.N. Murthy Assistant GM Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation Ltd
Ted L. Anderson Quest Integrity Group
Teri Mendelovitz Vice President - Global Energy and Utilities North Highland
Terry M. Webb Principal Engineer - Inspection / NDE Specialist, BP Downstream NDE Subject Matter Expert BP
Thomas Fortinberry Technical Advisor Quest Integrity Group
Thomas Phan Bureau Veritas Inspectorate
Tim Cowling
Tim Haugen Service Line Director - Process Inspections Quest Integrity Group
Tim Hill Principal Consulting Engineer Quest Integrity Group
Tim Munsterman Det Norske Veritas
Tom Farraro CITGO Petroleum Corp.
Tom Pickthall EnhanceCo Inc.
Tracey Maloney Heat Treatment Manager Versa Integrity Group
Travis Keener, P.E. Global Asset Integrity Management (AIM) Technical Advisor SGS North America Industrial Services
Tressi L. Cordaro
Tyler Alvarado President Inspectioneering
Tyron Kimble Integrity Engineer Sonomatic
V. Vavilov Tomsk Polytechnic University
Valerie Magyari Principal Engineer The Equity Engineering Group, Inc.
Vibha Zaman, P.E. Senior Consultant Asset Optimization Consultants
Vincent Summa President and CEO TechCorr Inspection & Engineering
Vipin Nair Compliance & Integrity Management Product Manager GE Digital
Virginia Edley Reliability and Inspection Consultant Trinity Bridge, LLC.
W. David Wang Shell Global Solutions
W. Swiderski Military Institute of Armament Technology
Walt Sanford President PinnacleART
Walter G. Reuter INEL
Warren Brown Principal Engineer The Equity Engineering Group, Inc.
Wayne McKenzie Manager, Turnarounds Syncrude Canada
Will Carter Consultant, Vice Chairman ASME Post Construction Committee
William Fotoples Thermo Fisher Scientific
Willis Perry Consultant
Yehuda Dror General Manager DNV Certification, Inc.

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