Bob Stakenborghs, P.E.: About the Author
CEO, Advanced Microwave Imaging

Bob Stakenborghs, P.E.

Bob Stakenborghs has been working in the field of microwave inspection since 2004. In 2020 he formed his own company, Advanced Microwave Imaging, to further advance the science and use of microwaves as a means for inspecting composite materials. The latest inspection systems developed by Bob and Advanced Microwave Imaging include multi-frequency vector network analyzer systems equipped with the only antenna system specifically designed for inspection, which is proprietary to AMWI, and specially developed data acquisition and analysis software. Multiple microwave inspection systems have been developed by AMWI and successfully deployed in field inspection applications.

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Published Articles

May/June 2023 Inspectioneering Journal

The latest developments in microwave inspection of complex composites are summarized, including principles of multi-frequency microwave inspection.

May/June 2005 Inspectioneering Journal

The figures included in this article provide visual evidence of the effectiveness of the microwave NDE technique. Note the clarity of the internal defects and structures of interest apparent in all of the scans.

May/June 2005 Inspectioneering Journal

API is preparing to release the next edition of API 579 Fitness-For-Service (FFS) the first quarter of 2006. The many major enhancements that have been made to the next edition of API 579 will permit Owner-Users to evaluate new types of damage including HIC/SOHIC and Dentgouge combinations, and allow detailed remaining life assessments of components operating in the creep range. In addition, new procedures for stress analysis have been developed that will enhance the usability and accuracy o f Level 3 Assessments resulting in longer running times for damaged components.

March/April 2005 Inspectioneering Journal

Once the microwave inspection method was determined to be capable of providing reliable and meaningful inspection results for defects located on the exterior, interior, and interior surfaces of non-metallic components, potential industry applications were identified. Upon investigation, these applications were identified. Upon investigation, these applications proved to be numerous and varied in nature. This is the result of an apparent lack of reliable inspection techniques for many non-metallic components that are rapidly becoming materials of choice in many industries.

January/February 2005 Inspectioneering Journal

Several years ago, a need was identified to develop an improved nondestructive inspection method to volumetrically inspect dielectric materials. Specifically, an inspection method for detecting defects in rubber expansion joints was needed to assist in preventing leeks in large electric power plant steam condensers. In response to this demand, a microwave based inspection technique was developed and patented by Evisive, Inc. Once the technique was developed and tested, it was found to be a powerful NDE technique that had uses for many dielectric materials, the technique can also be successfully used on composite materials containing conductive components but whose construction makes them overall nonconductors or bulk dielectrics, for example, carbon filter composites.

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