Tim Haugen: About the Author
Service Line Director - Process Inspections, Quest Integrity Group

Tim Haugen

Tim Haugen is the Service Line Director for Process Inspections and has been with Quest Integrity for over 12 years. In addition to his corporate responsibilities, he has extensive field and managerial experience, having managed smart pigging inspection operations at client facilities worldwide and having overseen Quest Integrity’s Central US, Caribbean and Latin American inspection operations for many years.

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Published Articles

Choosing the Right Smart Pigging Technology – Lessons Learned
September/October 2016 Inspectioneering Journal
By Tim Haugen at Quest Integrity Group

Although all ultrasonic smart pigging providers claim the ability to detect wall thinning and tube deformations to some degree, the inspection surface coverage, resolution, minimum wall thickness detection and reporting capabilities may vary drastically from one service provider to the next. Knowing your provider’s capabilities is crucial for ensuring the integrity of your assets, as one refinery recently discovered.