Ashfaq Anwer: About the Author
Inspection Engineer,

Ashfaq Anwer

Ashfaq Anwer is an Inspection Engineer with 15 years of experience in ammonia-urea complexes, petrochemical units, and oil & gas industries with major expertise in material selection, corrosion mapping and control, fitness-for-service studies, defining inspection frameworks, and implementing inspection plans for old and new units.

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Published Articles

  • Composite Repair of Equipment and The Practical Applicability of ASME PCC-2
    November/December 2020 Inspectioneering Journal

    The author estimates that, if the composite repair approach is implemented properly in place of welding repairs, approximately 70-80% of hot work at operating sites could be eliminated.

  • Don’t Forget About Your Spring Supports
    January/February 2020 Inspectioneering Journal

    The health of piping and piping supports is critical to processing facilities, however there are very few facilities where a documented inspection program exists for spring supports. This article outlines some issues surrounding spring supports

  • The Significance of Piping Color Codes
    September/October 2019 Inspectioneering Journal

    If an inspector knows both the content and material of construction of piping, it would be useful when performing inspection. However, this is only possible when there’s a system in place at the site for identifying piping.

  • The Importance of Baseline Inspections
    September/October 2018 Inspectioneering Journal

    The best approach for better inspection confidence and long term asset integrity is to conduct baseline inspections upon receipt of an asset. Baseline inspection can save millions by providing accurate baseline information for later comparisons and preventing safety incidents caused by critical oversights during the construction phase.

  • Combating Sea Cooling Water Corrosion
    January/February 2018 Inspectioneering Journal

    Sea water corrosion and erosion issues can affect almost all commonly used metallurgy in a refinery or petrochemical plant. This brief article explains the dangers behind sea water used in plant cooling systems and discusses several metallurgical and material solutions to resist sea cooling water corrosion.

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