Lyle Breaux P.E.: About the Author
Stress Engineering Services, Inc.

Lyle Breaux P.E. Lyle Breaux is a consulting engineer with Stress Engineering Services, where he specializes in industrial vibration and acoustics, and provides services to industries including refining, chemical, power, and offshore production. Lyle is one of the relatively few industry vibration consultants specializing in flow-induced vibration with fixed pressure equipment. As part of his consulting practice he routinely assists plant operators in solving difficult and unusual vibration problems; he also works with plant engineers to proactively mitigate equipment vibration problems during the design phase of new facilities. Lyle is a Category 4 Vibration Analyst (ISO/ANSI Compliant) and earned an MSME with a vibrations and acoustics specialty from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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Published Articles

Equipment Vibration Problems
March/April 2011 Inspectioneering Journal
By Lyle Breaux P.E. at Stress Engineering Services, Inc., Eric Luther P.E. at Stress Engineering Services, Inc., and Scott McNeill Ph.D., P.E. at Stress Engineering Services

The most common equipment vibration problems are often solved in industry without the use of specialty engineering resources. Routine vibration problems-from machinery imbalance and misalignment to simple cases of noise and resonance-are often addressed at the plant level without help from consultants.