Khulani Ndimande: About the Author
Consulting Engineer, ABB Consulting

Khulani Ndimande

Khulani Ndimande is a Consultant Engineer in Asset Integrity Management at ABB Consulting, the consulting service line of ABB Ltd. He is a Chartered Professional Engineer and holds a MENG degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Sheffield. He is currently working on various projects resolving mechanical integrity and operational issues related to equipment reliability and unit availability, while also supporting shutdowns of offshore and onshore assets. His previous roles have covered various projects in asset life extension, maintenance and reliability in the oil and gas and chemical sectors. 

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Published Articles

Reliability and Integrity – Keys to Survival
November/December 2015 Inspectioneering Journal
By Khulani Ndimande at ABB Consulting, and Fernando Vicente at ABB

This article highlights several benefits of sound reliability and mechanical integrity practices and how they serve as the cornerstone of effective asset management. Moreover, we believe effective asset integrity management is not only important, but essential, to overcoming the challenges presented by operating in the current oil and gas market.