Martin Sauerschnig: About the Author
Senior Product Manager, GE Oil and Gas Measurement and Control

Martin Sauerschnig received his MSc in electrical engineering and economics from the Graz University of Technology, Austria in 2001. He has 6 years of NDT experience and is currently the global product manager for X-ray imaging chain products in GE Measurement and Control. He is responsible for X-ray generators, computed radiography, digital detectors as well as related software solutions.

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Published Articles

Digital Radiography: Advancements in Utilization, Benefits, and Overall Inspection Reliability
November/December 2013 Inspectioneering Journal
By Richard Mills at GE, John T. Iman at GE Oil and Gas Measurement & Controls-Inspection Technology, and Martin Sauerschnig at GE Oil and Gas Measurement and Control

Over recent years large strides have been made in application, development, and utilization of Digital Detector Arrays (DDAs) in field radiography environments (an application previously limited to film and computed radiography [CR] techniques).