Britt Bettell: About the Author
API 570/580 Inspector, Stress Engineering Services

Britt Bettell

Britt Bettell has 16 years in the power, refining, and chemical industries as both a process operator and inspector. He is experienced in piping isometric and P&ID verification and correction. Mr. Bettell has participated in numerous plant turnarounds as both an NDE technician and API inspector.  He has performed numerous pipe support walk downs and has also performed in-situ pipe support load testing using Stress Engineering Services specially designed and unique RLM tooling. Mr. Bettell is a certified API 570 and API 580 and is an ASNT Level II in several NDE methods. 

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Published Articles

In-Place Pipe Support Load Testing & Hanger Surveys – Part of a Best in Class Fitness-for-Service Program
July/August 2015 Inspectioneering Journal
By Lange Kimball at Stress Engineering Services, Joe Frey, PE at Stress Engineering, Inc., and Britt Bettell at Stress Engineering Services

This article introduces portions of a “Best-In-Class” Fitness-for-Service (FFS) program that includes the performance of regular visual inspections of pipe supports and hangers, coupled with in-situ load testing of suspect supports. This program can give the plant engineer the knowledge he needs to make sound operational and maintenance decisions.