Gerrit M. Buchheim, P.E.: About the Author
Refining Metallurgical and Corrosion Expert, Becht Engineering Co., Inc.

Gerrit M. Buchheim, P.E. Gerrit Buchheim P.E. is a BS/MS Metallurgical Engineer (Carnegie Mellon University) who has almost 35 years of refining experience working in refineries and central groups for Exxon, BP, and another consulting company. He is extremely active in API committees. He and Jim McLaughlin (Becht Engineering) recently were selected as co-technical editors of the API 941 TBD revision 1 documenting the recent CS failures. Besides HTHA, he was the paid technical author/editor for API 939-C sulfidation, is vice chair of API 939-C, chair of API 945 amine units, past chair of API 571, and is active on several NACE wet H2S cracking task groups, and is a charter member of the API 579 -1/ASME FFS-1, and chair of Part 7 HIC/blistering evaluation. He joined Becht Engineering and formed the Pono Division of Becht Eng. in January 2014. Mr. Buchheim conducts damage reviews as part of RBI, CCD/IOW, and PSM efforts and his team specializes in IOW/CCD documentation and he consults for a variety of refining customers on issues, particularly FFS related issues.

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Published Articles

A New Method for Prioritizing Equipment in HTHA Service for Inspection & Replacement and the Challenges in Obtaining Process Conditions to be Used in the HTHA Assessment
November/December 2014 Inspectioneering Journal
By Gerrit M. Buchheim, P.E. at Becht Engineering Co., Inc.

High Temperature Hydrogen Attack (HTHA) is a complex damage mechanism that continues to defy investigators trying to make predictions on the anticipated degree of damage or service life. This article provides some background on HTHA, discusses some current developments in HTHA inspection and mitigation, and describes how one Refiner is instituting an HTHA risk management plan for its refineries and the challenges and pitfalls they have encountered.

Is Your Killed Carbon Steel Resistant to  High Temperature Sulfidation?
March/April 2014 Inspectioneering Journal
By Marc McConnell, P.E. at Pro-Surve Technical Services, Gerrit M. Buchheim, P.E. at Becht Engineering Co., Inc., and Josh Yoakam at Holly Refining and Marketing - Tulsa, LLC

High temperature sulfidation is probably the most well- known corrosion mechanism in the oil refining industry because it occurs in large sections of the refinery.

March/April 2001 Inspectioneering Journal
By Gerrit M. Buchheim, P.E. at Becht Engineering Co., Inc.

An overview of the interaction between two new technologies, Risk Based Inspection (RBI) and Fitness- For-Service (FFS) are presented. With the publication of API 579 Recommended Practice For Fitness-For-Service and the planned publication of API 580 Recommended Practice for Risk Based Inspection in 2001, these technologies will find increasing application in maintenance and inspection planning. There are relationships between the two. Applications of pro-active FFS assessments are highlighted.

March/April 2000 Inspectioneering Journal
By Gerrit M. Buchheim, P.E. at Becht Engineering Co., Inc.

The release of API RP579 will bring about some changes to other existing API Codes and Recommended Practices. The long-range plan is to offer an integrated suite of API Codes and Recommended Practices, where information is presented once and the other documents refer and are linked to that information. The In-Service Inspection Codes in the US for petrochemical pressure containing equipment are: * API 510 - Pressure Vessels * API 570 - Piping * API 653 - Tankage, and * ANSI NB NB-23 (NBIC) - Pressure Vessels & Piping

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