Devon Brendecke, P.E.: About the Author
Consulting Engineer, Quest Integrity Group

Devon Brendecke, P.E. Ms. Brendecke graduated from the Colorado School of Mines with a BS in Civil Engineering. She has been a Senior Consulting Engineer in Computational Mechanics with Quest Integrity Group for nine years. Her project experience includes fitness-for-service assessments, advanced finite element analysis, defect assessment and fracture mechanics for the petrochemical and power industries.

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Published Articles

Real-time Operating Decisions Made Easier
January/February 2013 Inspectioneering Journal
By Devon Brendecke, P.E. at Quest Integrity Group

The benefits of adding fitness-for-service (FFS) assessments to energy sector reliability projects are numerous. The acceptance of API 579/ASME FFS-1 is increasing across the energy sector and other industries, as these benefits have been demonstrated in a wide range of projects. Several of these benefits are illustrated in this article using real-world examples.

January/February 2012 Inspectioneering Journal
By Devon Brendecke, P.E. at Quest Integrity Group

Thanks to constantly improving technology developments, inspection of atmospheric storage tanks has yielded better data which, when used as input, improves the accuracy of advanced assessment techniques. Coupling the improved inspection data with an advanced engineering assessment often means that tank operators are able to postpone repairs until the next shutdown, eliminate the need for repairs or be exempt from hydrostatic testing.