Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI)

Last update: Jan 17, 2017

Pipeline Research Council International is an organization dedicated to advancing the pipeline industry through cooperative research and analysis. PRCI is a community of the world’s leading pipeline companies, and the vendors, service providers, equipment manufacturers, and other organizations supporting the pipeline industry.

In 2015, PRCI opened a new Technology Development Center (TDC) in Houston, Texas. This facility will be used to address the key issues that the energy pipeline industry is facing to ensure the safety and integrity of the vital national and international pipeline system.

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July/August 2010 Inspectioneering Journal

In coordination with a team of research partners, including BP, PHMSA, GL Noble Denton (formerly Advantica), and Electricore, Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI) recently completed the consolidated program on assessing the remaining strength of pipe with external corrosion.

September/October 2007 Inspectioneering Journal

Interested in a review of liquid pipeline leak detection technology focused on monitoring and detection of small leaks?

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