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NACE Releases New Documents

This article appears in the January/February 2007 issue of Inspectioneering Journal.

NACE International has approved two highly anticipated standards dedicated to the control of internal pipeline corrosion.

  • SP0106-2006, "Control of Internal Corrosion in Steel Pipelines and Piping Systems" This standard describes procedures and practices for achieving effective control of internal corrosion in steel pipe and piping systems in crude oil, refined products, and gas service. The complex nature and interaction between constituents found in gas and/or liquid may affect whether a corrosive condition exists in certain combinations of impurities transported in the pipeline. Identification of these corrosive conditions can be achieved only by analysis of operating conditions, impurity content, physical monitoring, and other considerations.
  • SP0206-2006, "Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment Methodology for Pipelines Carrying Normally Dry Natural Gas (DG-ICDA)" This standard formalizes the process of internal corrosion direct assessment (ICDA), which can help ensure pipeline integrity in pipelines carrying normally dry natural gas. The basis of DG-ICDA is a detailed examination of locations along a pipeline where water may first accumulate, to provide information about the downstream condition of the pipeline. If the locations along a length of pipe most likely to accumulate water have not corroded, other downstream locations less likely to accumulate water may be considered free from corrosion. Based on federal regulations on pipeline length and direct assessment of pipeline cracking, this standard has been highly anticipated by the U.S Office of Pipeline Safety (OPS). (The earlier standard on external corrosion direct assessments is RP0502, published in Dec. 2002.)

OPS is expected to review SP0206-2006 within the next 90 days, for possible incorporation into regulations for pipeline integrity management plans and approval of its use in training materials.

ICDA is the four-step process involving pre- assessment, indirect examination, direct examination, and post assessment. It includes protocols for pigging and digging up pipelines and provides flow charts for next steps, based on what assessors find. It enables assessors to determine when to examine pipelines more closely and how to identify various risks for corrosion.

  • NACE Standard TM0106-2006, "Detection, Testing, and Evaluation of Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) on External Surfaces of Buried Pipelines," was recently published by NACE Task Group 237.
  • NACE Standard SP0387-2006 (formerly RP0387-99), "Metallurgical and Inspection Requirements for Cast Galvanic Anodes for Offshore Applications," was recently reaffirmed by NACE Specific Technology Group 30.
  • NACE Standard SP0492-2006 (formerly RP0492-99), "Metallurgical and Inspection Requirements for Offshore Pipeline Bracelet Anodes," was recently reaffirmed by NACE Specific Technology Group 30.
  • NACE Standard SP0492-2006 (formerly RP0492-99), "Metallurgical and Inspection Requirements for Offshore Pipeline Bracelet Anodes," was recently reaffirmed by NACE Specific Technology Group 30.
  • NACE Standard TM0183-2006, "Evaluation of Internal Plastic Coatings for Corrosion Control of Tubular Goods in an Aqueous Flowing Environment," was recently reaffirmed by NACE Specific Technology Group 33.

For more information on these standards visit the NACE web site


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