We are the global leader in designing, implementing and maintaining comprehensive asset reliability and integrity programs for process facilities in the oil and gas, chemical, mining, pharmaceutical, wastewater and electric power industries—including national oil companies, super majors, and majors, as well as independents. Our team of talented experts, engineers and inspectors help clients mitigate risk of downtime, loss of containment, and ensure safety of personnel; optimize costs associated with inspection, maintenance and total asset spend; and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. PinnacleART’s expertise is multifaceted: mechanical integrity, reliability, inspection, technology, and project management. However, our truly unique skill set involves bringing all of these together to provide solutions that integrate people, processes, and technology.

From oil and gas to wastewater, we build and support the best asset integrity programs in the world to prevent loss of containment.

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We can help you implement a variety of software programs, including IDMS, RBI, CMMS, EAM and vessel analysis.

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Our customized reliability programs help you maintain optimal uptime of your facility and reduce unexpected asset failure.

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Whatever the size or need of your facility, we have engineers, certified operators and expert maintenance staff who can cost-effectively help you meet your location’s goals.

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Our highly trained team of inspectors can diagnose areas of weakness before they hinder your operations.

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We continuously publish white papers, case studies, webinars and more throughout the year to educate our audience on industry best practices, recognized standards and recommendations to take back to their facility.

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PinnacleART is always on the lookout for experienced engineers and inspectors to join our growing team. Click the link to view our full list of career opportunities.

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PinnacleART's Inspectioneering Content

Realized Benefits from RBI Implementation - A Recap of the Fall 2018 Meeting of the Minds Roundtable Discussion
November/December 2018 Inspectioneering Journal

Inspectioneering and PinnacleART hosted a roundtable discussion for a select group of mechanical integrity and reliability experts to explore whether or not operators are realizing actual benefits from implementing RBI at their facilities.

How to Justify Reliability Improvement Initiatives
November/December 2018 Inspectioneering Journal
By John Campo at PinnacleART

This article walks you through a three-step approach, while providing different scenarios, for identifying and proving the value of reliability improvement initiatives.

Making the Leap to Upgrade Your Software – A Follow-up to Achieving the Full Potential of Asset Performance Management Applications
July/August 2018 Inspectioneering Journal
By Brian Maslar at Amplify Technology Solutions, Pete Ankner at Amplify Technology Solutions, and Stephen Flory at PinnacleART

This article discusses Asset Performance Management (APM) software implementation strategies and the challenges owners face when upgrading their software to the newest version.

Four Realized Benefits of a Transition from a Time-Based to a Risk-Based Inspection Approach
March/April 2018 Inspectioneering Journal
By Cesar Espinoza at PinnacleART, and Sudhakar Mahajanam at PinnacleART

As RBI continues to proliferate across industry, there are still those that are reluctant to transition from a time-based to risk-based inspection approach - especially in the upstream oil & gas business. These 4 benefits might help to lessen the resistance to RBI.

Addressing the Great Crew Change - A Recap of the Fall 2017 Meeting of the Minds Roundtable Discussion
March/April 2018 Inspectioneering Journal
By Tyler Alvarado at Inspectioneering

Last November, Inspectioneering and PinnacleART hosted a roundtable discussion for a select group of leading mechanical integrity experts. This forum explored how the MI field will have to prepare for the impending loss of knowledge resulting from the “Great Crew Change.”

Achieving the Full Potential of Asset Performance Management Platforms
November/December 2017 Inspectioneering Journal
By Stephen Flory at PinnacleART

APM implementation is anything but a pain-free process. Blame tends to fall on vendors, but there are oftentimes activities that do not get completed that tend to have a larger effect on the success of implementation. This article addresses some of those activities.

CML Optimization: Effective and Efficient Coverage and Placement
May/June 2017 Inspectioneering Journal
By Ryan Myers at PinnacleART, and Brian Marino at PinnacleART

Effective condition monitoring location selection is a key component of a best-in-class mechanical integrity program. Learn how moving beyond traditional qualitative approaches to optimized CML selection can reduce risk and maximize the value of each inspection.

Advancements in CUI Detection and Overview of MsS Guided Wave
November/December 2016 Inspectioneering Journal
By Adam Gardner at PinnacleART

Beyond the financial hits, undetected degradation from corrosion can also lead to critical safety risks. To effectively manage mechanical integrity, organizations need reliable methods of identifying the current states of corrosion occurring within their assets.

Program Evergreening and Sustainability Assistance is Key to Establishing Successful Integrity and Reliability Programs
September/October 2016 Inspectioneering Journal
By Kevin Birkby at PinnacleART

Integrity and reliability personnel at processing facilities are no strangers to initiatives to improve processes in the pursuit of establishing best-in-class reliability programs. It is common practice for operators to enlist help from third parties that specialize in implementation of programs like Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) and Asset Management.

Clearing out the Data Clutter: How well-maintained data can add value to your reliability program
May/June 2016 Inspectioneering Journal
By Jeffrey Foushee at Pinnacle Advanced Reliability Technologies, and Ryan Myers at PinnacleART

Data, in pure form, consists of raw, unorganized facts that need to be processed. Data can be found in databases, documents, drawings, reports, spreadsheets, and numerous other sources. Having data on hand is useful, however, it’s often inefficient and counterproductive to make decisions based on data in its raw form.

What Does Reliability Mean in 2016?
March/April 2016 Inspectioneering Journal
By Jeremiah Wooten at Inspectioneering, LLC.

Inspectioneering recently had an opportunity to sit down with Walt Sanford, President and COO of Pinnacle Advanced Reliability Technologies, and discuss what Reliability means to his clients and others in our industry. We hope you find the exchange interesting and informative.

Keys to Success: How to Design and Use Effective Reliability and Integrity Program Assessments to Drive Sustainable Improvements
January/February 2016 Inspectioneering Journal
By Walt Sanford at PinnacleART, and Mauricio Olivares at Pinnacle ART

Equipment integrity and reliability programs are essential for refinery and chemical facility operators. The processes of the programs are developed to ensure safety, optimize component life cycles, and promote smooth and economical operations.

An Overview of ISO 55000 - Standardizing Asset Management
November/December 2015 Inspectioneering Journal
By Walt Sanford at PinnacleART

Maximizing return on investment of physical assets, while at the same time operating safely and in an environmentally responsible manner is now more critical than ever for organizations within the heavy process industries.

The Evolution of Reliability:  A Q&A with  Texas Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton
September/October 2015 Inspectioneering Journal
By Jeremiah Wooten at Inspectioneering, LLC.

Inspectioneering recently had the opportunity to sit down with Texas Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton and discuss the evolution of reliability in the oil and gas industry.

A Roadmap to Spare Parts Optimization
September/October 2015 Inspectioneering Journal
By Brad Moore at PinnacleART

Operators in all industries are trying to increase equipment availability, yet oftentimes critical process equipment is not available due to planned or unplanned maintenance. To increase equipment availability, steps must be taken to reduce downtime. One way to achieve this is to ensure that spare parts are organized and available in the event repairs are needed.

A New Trend for Pipeline Integrity Management: How GIS and Risk-Based   Asset Management (RBA) Integration Can Improve Pipeline Management
May/June 2015 Inspectioneering Journal
By Dylan Schrader at PinnacleART, Tom Pickthall at EnhanceCo Inc., and Carlos A. Palacios at CiMA-TQ

Pipeline integrity is critical to ensure maintenance and operational efficiency; however it is becoming an increasingly challenging task for the energy industry. Maintenance managers and inspectors must make sure their pipeline(s) and its associated equipment meet strict integrity requirements and comply with regulations in order to avoid unnecessary downtime and mitigate safety and environmental risks.

Achieve Comprehensive Reliability by Combining RBI and RCM
March/April 2015 Inspectioneering Journal
By Walt Sanford at PinnacleART

Today, many managers are finding that they can address the reliability of all types of assets by combining RBI and Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) processes together into one comprehensive reliability management process.

Sands of Time Create The Mechanical Integrity Compliance Officer (MICO)
November/December 2014 Inspectioneering Journal
By Marc McConnell, P.E. at Pro-Surve Technical Services, Jeannie Beth Richey at Sasol North America, Inc., and Josh Yoakam at Holly Refining and Marketing - Tulsa, LLC

The role of an API inspector is rapidly changing. Necessary skills for success have transformed as technology, standardization, and regulations have become part of the way of life.

Is Your Killed Carbon Steel Resistant to  High Temperature Sulfidation?
March/April 2014 Inspectioneering Journal
By Marc McConnell, P.E. at Pro-Surve Technical Services, Gerrit M. Buchheim, P.E. at Becht Engineering Co., Inc., and Josh Yoakam at Holly Refining and Marketing - Tulsa, LLC

High temperature sulfidation is probably the most well- known corrosion mechanism in the oil refining industry because it occurs in large sections of the refinery.

A Discussion on Hydrogen Bake-Outs
January/February 2014 Inspectioneering Journal
By Marc McConnell, P.E. at Pro-Surve Technical Services, Josh Yoakam at Holly Refining and Marketing - Tulsa, LLC, and Frank Dean at Ion Science, Ltd.

This is the second of two articles published in Inspectioneering Journal discussing the value of hydrogen bake-outs. Our first article was published in the May/June 2013 issue and received a great response from the Inspectioneering community. In this piece, we will continue the discussion and touch on some new technologies used to enhance the bake-out process.

Executive Q&A with Ryan Sitton, President and CEO, PinnacleAIS
September/October 2013 Inspectioneering Journal
By Jeremiah Wooten at Inspectioneering, LLC.

Earlier this year, our friends at Pinnacle Asset Integrity Services hosted a webinar entitled Mechanical Integrity Assessment: Why Bother? The broadcast included discussions on the history and value of asset integrity programs, as well as the evolution of the processes and methods necessary to ensure these programs achieve the objective of decreasing risk to improve safety. We have selected a small sample of these exchanges to present to you because we feel they provide important information regarding the need for mechanical integrity assessments in our industry.

The Many Parts of Injection Points
July/August 2013 Inspectioneering Journal
By Marc McConnell, P.E. at Pro-Surve Technical Services

Who at your facility “owns” injection point hardware? Typically, injection point hardware falls into the “Gray Zone”.

The Hype about Hydrogen Bake-Outs!
May/June 2013 Inspectioneering Journal
By Marc McConnell, P.E. at Pro-Surve Technical Services

With 30 years of refinery experience, I have been through many turnarounds and been involved with a lot of repairs. When I started in the business, we would have inspectors that “owned” their specific pieces of equipment.

Webinar: “Five Steps to Justify Reliability Improvement Initiatives”
April 5, 2019,

This webinar discusses five steps to achieve cost-justification of initiatives to help you evaluate your site practices & performance to achieve results that will highlight the most valuable improvement opportunities across functions and departments.

Maximizing the Value of Your Meridium APM Upgrade
March 12, 2019,

This webinar will explore incorporating this approach into an important initiative that many APM software users are currently evaluating: upgrading their software to the newest version.

PinnacleART Announces New CFO
Press Release
PinnacleART, April 9, 2019

As CFO, Andrew Susman will serve as the financial leader responsible for planning and executing financial strategies to support the rapid growth of the company.

PinnacleART and Metegrity Form Strategic Partnership Aimed at Improving Mechanical Integrity Program Compliance
Press Release
PinnacleART, March 19, 2019

PinnacleART and Metegrity, Inc. have formed a strategic partnership to improve the mechanical integrity program of a natural gas service provider’s operations in the southwest region of the United States.

PinnacleART and Solomon Associates Strategically Partner to Bring Comprehensive Asset Performance Management Assessments to Energy and Chemical Industries
Press Release
PinnacleART, February 19, 2019

PinnacleART has strategically partnered with Solomon Associates to build comprehensive asset assessments for facilities in the energy and chemical industries.

PinnacleART Adds Rope Access Inspection to Repertoire of Inspection Services
Press Release
PinnacleART, October 16, 2018

PinnacleART, a global leader in designing, implementing, and maintaining asset reliability and integrity programs, has added rope access services to its repertoire of inspection services.

Inspectioneering, PinnacleART Gather Leading Minds in Mechanical Integrity to Discuss Critical Issues in the Industry
Inspectioneering Staff, January 11, 2018

Last November in Dallas, TX, Inspectioneering and PinnacleART hosted a select group of leading industry experts in mechanical integrity for an informal discussion of some of the key challenges facing the industry today. The main theme for this inaugural forum, which we’ve dubbed the “Meeting of the Minds,” was to discuss how companies are and should be preparing for the eventual retirement of their older workforce; a serious issue now facing many industries and commonly referred to as the “Great Crew Change.”

PinnacleART and AspenTech Partner to Deliver Technology-Driven Reliability Solutions to Complex, Capital-Intensive Industries
Press Release
PinnacleART, December 7, 2017

PinnacleART is now an official Implementation Service Provider (ISP) for the aspenONE® Asset Performance Management (APM) software suite from Aspen Technology, Inc. PinnacleART will utilize aspenONE APM solutions to measure, optimize and maximize asset uptime for its oil and gas, specialty chemical, and wastewater customers.

PinnacleART Lands on Inc. Magazine
Inspectioneering Staff, August 18, 2016

Pinnacle Advanced Reliability Technologies (PinnacleART) has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States. This list represents 5000 of the most successful companies within the American economy’s most dynamic segment—its independent small businesses.

Pinnacle Advanced Reliability Technologies Announces Aggressive Expansion of Advanced NDT Team
Pinnacle Advanced Reliability Technologies, July 19, 2016

Pinnacle Advanced Reliability Technologies (PinnacleART) has announced the expansion of its advanced nondestructive testing (NDT) inspection team, which now employs two of only 41 American Petroleum Institute (API) Qualification of Ultrasonic Sizing Examiners (QUSE) certification recipients in the world.

Corrosion Under Insulation: A Proactive Approach

Although CUI is widely recognized as a primary driver for damage in the petrochemical industry, the solutions often lack the sophistication devoted to other damage mechanisms.

Managing Integrity Operating Windows Through Inspection Analytics

Many refining, gas processing, and petrochemical plants have already identified the need to define Integrity Operating Windows, but most are still unsure how to extract the most value from them.

The Evolution of Inspection

60-minute webinar presented by PinnacleART on the evolution of inspection and mechanical integrity programs in the refining and process industries.

Mechanical Integrity Assessment: Why Bother?

Pinnacle Webinar - Mechanical Integrity Assessment: Why Bother? from PinnacleAIS Government regulations require facilities to have a documented safety program in place, yet there are still many plants without any type of mechanical integrity program. Even if your location has a program that meets regulation standards,...

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