Program Evergreening and Sustainability Assistance is Key to Establishing Successful Integrity and Reliability Programs

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By Kevin Birkby at PinnacleART. This article appears in the September/October 2016 issue of Inspectioneering Journal


Integrity and reliability personnel at processing facilities are no strangers to initiatives to improve processes in the pursuit of establishing best-in-class reliability programs. It is common practice for operators to enlist help from third parties that specialize in implementation of programs like Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) and Asset Management. While third parties may effectively facilitate program implementation, facility personnel often overlook the continued value of involvement of third parties for maintenance and sustainability of the newly implemented practices and systems. All too often, the new program implementation fails to deliver the valuable changes that were envisioned. This is often because the step change that is required is too significant for facility personnel to adapt to without assistance. This post-implementation transition to the new normal is the single greatest risk of failure for most newly-implemented programs.

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