Webinar Replay

4 Ways to Get More from Your Risk-Based Inspection Program

Pinnacle, March 30, 2022

Webinar Overview

Much of the industry has implemented and is actively using RBI for inspection planning of fixed equipment. However, many owner/operators feel that they should be getting more out of their RBI programs.

To provide a better understanding of how to take your existing RBI program to the next level, Inspectioneering has teamed up with Pinnacle to bring you 4 Ways to Get More from Your RBI Program, a one hour webinar presented by Ryan Myers and Lynne Kaley. During the presentation, the speakers discuss unique insights gained through their own experiences implementing RBI programs and several areas of improvement that can now be addressed. 

More specifically, the presenters discuss how to:

  • Improve probability calculations and make them more accurate. Using first principles engineering and data science can lead to risk models for all asset types that are not as heavily based on subjective inputs – but on data-based, statistical uncertainty. The presenters will walk through a case study on thinning, comparing API RP 581 calculations to a probabilistic approach (Lifetime Variability Curve or LVC) to demonstrate an additional approach to quantitative modeling.
  • Better leverage expertise. Focusing subject matter experts (SME) on the highest value adding activities is important as qualified resources are in higher demand. Finding the right balance between supporting programs competing for SME time, such as DMR reviews, IOWs, PHAs, requires the ability to use SMEs in the most effective ways. The presenters will walk through tangible examples of how to build confidence in inspection data, use it to inform SME decisions, and let SME guidance inform and educate inspection data analytics to improve assessments and results.
  • Improve inspection handling and recommendations. The current industry approach to inspection planning uses risk modeling over time against a defined risk target to define inspection recommendations. Considerable value can be created by using a task optimization approach that balances the impact of HSE risk, system availability, and cost of the activities to quantify the benefit to cost ratio. Examples of results using a task optimized approach will be provided with a comparison to current practices as a baseline.
  • Quantify the value of inspections. Current practices for grading inspection history and recommending future inspections are relatively qualitative when compared to other calculations in RBI. A more quantitative and objective method for determining historical inspection credit as well as recommending specific inspection recommendations with associated uncertainty significantly impacts the value of the recommendations. Quantitative Task Effectiveness (QTE) is a way to quantify the economic value of every inspection, maintenance, repair, or replacement activity. In addition, QTE provides specific inspection guidance and expected results to be used during implementation of the inspection plan. If inspection findings are significantly different than expected (better or worse), coverage can be adjusted to react to the actual findings so that uncertainty is minimized. The presenters will demonstrate how QTE is used to drive inspection coverage recommendations and the uncertainty associated with inspection.

About the Speakers

Ryan Myers, Product Manager at Pinnacle, oversees all new product development activities. He leads multi-disciplinary technical teams across engineering, data science, and software development fields to drive the creation of new products and services focused on increasing customer value through transforming their reliability, integrity, and maintenance programs. Ryan specializes in mechanical integrity and reliability engineering, project management, operational excellence, digital transformation, and product management. Ryan also has extensive experience both developing and applying decision analytics and mathematical models to improve business performance. Ryan obtained his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in business from The University of Texas and is also a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

Lynne Kaley, Vice President of R&D at Pinnacle, is an internationally recognized industry expert in corrosion & materials and fixed equipment mechanical integrity, and a leader in the development of Risk-Based Inspection technology for the refining and petrochemical industry. She pioneered the development of RBI technology in the early 90's and served as master editor for API RP 580 Third Edition, as well as API RP 581. Lynne holds a Bachelor of Science from Penn State University and a Master of Science in Metallurgical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology.

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Posted by Rabah Brika on April 3, 2023
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