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The Role of Record-keeping and Data Management in Achieving Excellence in Pressure Equipment Integrity and Reliability

By John Reynolds, Principal Consultant at Intertek. This article appears in the January/February 2012 issue of Inspectioneering Journal.
This article is part 9 of a 10-part series.
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In the first article in this series entitled How to Put It All Together – Guide to Organizing a Successful PEI Program, I provided an overview of the ten necessary Management Systems (MS) for a successful program to achieve excellence in pressure equipment integrity and reliability (PEI&R). This is the ninth out of ten articles in this series. Clearly, Record-Keeping and Data Management (RK&DM) have a major role in achieving excellence in PEI&R. Everything else we do to achieve excellence in PEI&R stems from keeping high quality and complete PEI&R records, as well as doing all the necessary data analysis. Without good records and data management, we’re severely handicapped in trying to achieve excellence in all ten of the PEI&R management systems outlined in this series of articles. From good record keeping, we can do a good job of inspection planning and scheduling and conversely from poor record keeping, we are likely to end up with poor inspection planning and scheduling.

For some people, RK&DM is the most boring part of the PEI&R MS. For me, it’s the most important part. If you don’t do RK&DM really well; you’re not likely to do the rest of it (the other nine PEI&R MS’s) very well either. Finally, in this article, I will show how the RK&DM MS for PEI&R needs to be integrated with the nine other important PEI&R management systems covered in the series.

For purposes of review (or for those who did not see or perhaps not remember the original article in the September/October 2009 edition of Inspectioneering Journal (IJ), and in order to set the stage for this article on RK&DM MS, I will repeat directly below, some of the same introduction included in the first article(1). The second article in the series covered Management Leadership and Support for PEI(4), and appeared in the January/February 2010 edition of IJ. The third article in the series covered Management of Change and Integrity Operating Windows for PEI(5), and appeared in the March/ April, 2010 edition of IJ. The fourth article in the series covered The Role of Corrosion Control in Achieving Excellence in Pressure Equipment Integrity and Reliability and appeared in the May/June, 2010 edition of IJ. The fifth article in the series covered The Role of Risk Assessment and Inspection Planning in Pressure Equipment Integrity and Reliability(7) appeared in the September/October, 2010 edition of IJ. The sixth article in the series covered The Role of Life Cycle Management in Achieving Pressure Equipment Integrity and Reliability(8) and appeared in the January/February 2011 edition of IJ. The seventh article in this series, The Role of PEI Codes and Standards in Achieving Excellence in Pressure Equipment Integrity and Reliability(9) appeared in the May/June 2011 edition of IJ. And just previous to this article, the eighth article in this series appeared in Nov/Dec, 2011 edition of IJ, The Role of Site Procedures and Work Processes for Achieving Excellence in Pressure Equipment Integrity and Reliability(10). For those who would rather not review the introductory material right below, you can skip directly to the third section of this article which is labeled Record Keeping and Data Management.

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