January/February 1997 Inspectioneering Journal
Date January/February 1997
Volume  3
Issue 1
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January/February 1997 Inspectioneering Journal Article Index

  • January/February 1997 Inspectioneering Journal

    The ASME PCC continues to meet four times per year during ASME Code Week. The last meeting was on December 9, 1996. Over 50 members and visitors were in attendance. At that meeting, both subcommittees (Flaw Evaluation S/C and Inspection Planning S/C) continued to work on drafting detailed outlines of what each S/C expected to cover in its respective document.

  • January/February 1997 Inspectioneering Journal

    Shortly after World War II, the FRP industry expanded rapidly into many areas. Chemical tanks were first fabricated in the 1950s. A comprehensive standard was needed and in 1969 a consensus standard was issued by the National Bureau of Standards: NBS PS 15-69 "Custom Contact-Molded Reinforced-Polyester Chemical-Resistant Process Equipment."

  • January/February 1997 Inspectioneering Journal

    If you perform any type of inspection, plan or prioritize inspection, replacement or design of equipment in HF service you may be interested in the following NACE international resource, NACE Technical Committee report 5A171, "Materials for Receiving, Handling, and Storing Hydrofluoric Acid."

  • January/February 1997 Inspectioneering Journal
    By Dennis Smythe at Fluor Daniel, Inc., and Cathy Shargay at Fluor Daniel, Inc.

    Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EP&C) companies have a monumental task to maintain accurate NDE records on major new construction projects. Fluor Daniel has developed and put in use over the last several years a database program for tracking pipe welds and the NDE associated with them.

  • January/February 1997 Inspectioneering Journal
    By Del Underwood at Det Norske Veritas

    Back before I became a consultant in 1962, I was employed by TransCo. My boss had a number of very descriptive expressions for commonly encountered problem conditions with reciprocating compressors. One of them that I have always appreciated over the previous 30 plus years was his term for pendulum action of a large unsupported mass on the end of a vibrating pipe. He called it "a billiard ball on the end of a fly rod." You avid fishermen will appreciate that one.

  • January/February 1997 Inspectioneering Journal
    By John Reynolds at Intertek

    It's probably more important to those of us who don't have a brain tumor. Unfortunately, it's precisely because piping inspection is not neurosurgery that it's often done poorly, which can lead to significant impacts on process unit reliability, or worse, a catastrophic event, where people can get hurt.

  • January/February 1997 Inspectioneering Journal
    By Lynne Kaley at Trinity Bridge LLC / Trinity Bridge Digital, Eivind Johnsen at DNV Inc., and Andy Tallin at DNV Inc.

    This is Part II of a series of reliability of coke drums. Part I discussed some of the causes of bulging and cracking in coke drums. Here, the effect of operation on damage will be covered, along with possible solutions for increasing drum life and decreasing the probability of an unscheduled shutdown.

  • January/February 1997 Inspectioneering Journal

    AWS, in conjunction with the Edison Welding Institute and The Welding Institute, are offering a program for the certification of NDE operators. The certification follows the operators. Areas for certification are PT (penetrant testing), MT (magnetic particle testing), UT (ultrasonic testing), and RI (radiographic interpretation).

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