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Acuren provides state-of-the-art nondestructive testing, inspection, engineering and rope access integrated services delivered through over 90 locations and over 4,000 employees throughout North America and the United Kingdom.
Advanced Corrosion Technologies & Training
While corrosion is inevitable, dealing with it can be simple – with the right kind of help! Advanced Corrosion Technologies & Training (ACTT) exists to detect corrosion before it becomes an issue! Our team is committed to providing quality service using the most advanced NDT technologies and innovative solutions.
Altair Engineering Inspection Pte Ltd
Altair Engineering Inspection provides Advanced NDT Inspection services and ISO9712/PCN/Employer based training services in South east Asia. We have offices in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. We work with wide range of industry Oil & Gas (Upstream, Midstream and Downstream), Railways, Infrastructure, Shipbuilding, construction etc.
Ameriscan LLC
Ameriscan specializes in acoustic emission testing (AET) and 3D laser scanning of coke drums. We have performed these services all over the world for refineries, chemical plants, power plants as well as other industries.
ATMECO performs hazardous area asset integrity surveys. We serve major clients in the oil & gas production & petroleum refining sectors. We survey difficult to reach critical process assets using customised Remote Piloted Areal Survey (RPAS), Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) and conventional personnel deployed technologies.
Atrona Test Labs, Inc.
Atrona is an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited testing laboratory specializing in Failure Analysis, Root Cause Assessment, Metallurgical Testing, Polymer Testing, Chemical Analysis, Mechanical Testing, NDT - Non-Destructive Testing, and Calibration Services.
B&M Risk Advice Inc.
Established in 2011, we are a National Board Authorized Inspection Agency (AIA) and provide jurisdictional inspections and repair authorization in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. For further information please visit our website at
Becht provides comprehensive and technically excellent engineering consulting, and project and turnaround management services to the energy, industrial gas & chemicals sectors, worldwide.
Blackfin Asset Integrity Management LLC
We specialize in helping clients develop a risk-based approach to asset integrity management to reduce cost and gain greater value from their inspection programs. let us be your first call for comprehensive inspection program development or to engage one of our world-class services: inspection, engineered surveys or fit for service analysis.
Capital NDT
Capital NDT is a UK based, independently owned organisation that specialises in non-destructive testing. We provide non-destructive examinations at both our laboratory & testing facility and on-site across the UK.
Carbon Steel Inspection
For over 25 years, CSI has been dedicated to providing NDT solutions in the refining, chemical, and power generation industries. Our team of certified technicians are committed to providing high-level inspections with accurate and dependable results. Helping you increase reliability, and reduce equipment downtime.
CloudVisit provides a Remote Inspection software solution. The software is flexible and customizable for multiple industries. It is currently widely implemented by telecoms for inspection of the 5G build out. CloudVisit's software helps to streamline business operations by reducing travel time to job sites, and consolidating inspection evidence.f
Collins Engineers, Inc.
Collins Engineers, Inc. provides engineering ingenuity and solutions to complex problems, and realistic, honest answers to the oil and gas industry. Collins provides structural engineering services including design, inspection, analysis, and asset management using UAS, AI, and reality-imaging technology to deliver services on land and underwater.
Consulting & Field Services, LLC (CFS)
Consulting & Field Services, LLC - Services include Turnaround API inspection; Refractory; Specialized NDE; Shop Surveillance; Projects; Refractory Test Labs; Onstream; Baseline; Run and Maintain; Embedded Support; Data Management and Reporting
Dacon Inspection Technologies Co., Ltd.
Dacon brings global expertise and international experience to all inspection techniques from Intelligent Pigging and API Inspections through to Rope Access and Risk Based Inspections. Using all conventional and advanced NDT techniques, Dacon offers complete solutions to bring it's clients asset integrity that can be trusted day in and day out.
Delta Inspection & Expediting Consultation
#3rd party inspection company world wide
DIMATE GmbH is an innovative IT company dedicated to driving business transformation through the digitization and improvement of NDT and NDE processes. From test data acquisition to evaluation, management and archiving – we cover the entire process. Our solutions help to achieve faster turnarounds and maximizes the plant potential.
Draco Global Solutions
Draco Global Solutions provides clients with customized inspection and non-destructive testing solutions designed for optimal performance, efficiency and safety. Draco Labs delivers essential materials evaluation to optimize equipment life.
DÜRR NDT provides industrial X-ray inspection systems and Software for non-destructive testing (NDT), such as CR imaging plate scanners, DR flat panel detectors, X-ray inspection software, NDT workflow management software, automatic film processors and X-ray chemicals.
Eddyfi Technologies
With the most advanced NDT technologies in the world, we are helping OEMs, asset owners, and service companies enhance productivity, save lives, and protect the environment.
EMS Proyectos e Inspecciones
Advanced NDT: PAUT, RT, MFL, PMI, MT, PT, RVT. Forensic and Metallurgical Engineering for Failure Analysis. API, AWS-CWI, ASNT Lvl III Certified Personnel. Structural Integrity Inspections. QA/QC.
Evident Scientific
Evident's industrial solutions range from microscopes and videoscopes to nondestructive testing equipment and X-ray analyzers for maintenance, manufacturing and environmental applications. Backed by state-of-the-art technologies, Evident products are widely used for quality control, inspection, and measurement.
Fedelmesi Inspection Solutions Ltd
Fedelmesi Inspection Solutions are industrial inspection experts, specialising in plant turnarounds, day-to-day maintenance, new plant and rebuild projects within the oil & gas industry. We provide inspection & Risk-Based inspection solutions to aid with the capturing of reliability, integrity and longevity of both on-shore & off-shore assets.
Fixed Equipment Reliability (FER)
Fixed Equipment Reliability is an inspection and NDE company providing world-class Inspection and Mechanical Integrity services to the petrochemical industry. FER was founded by a dedicated team of inspection professionals who specialize in the implementation and optimization of Risk Based Mechanical Integrity programs.
Floodlight Software
Designed with direct input from industrial inspection pros, Floodlight Software allows inspection and testing providers to deliver more inspections faster and by digitalizing your operations from quote to cash. Our inspection management software gives managers, dispatchers, technicians, and customers the data they need when and how they need it.
ForTest designs and manufactures its leak testing and flow testing tools with care. They are modern, fast, reliable and traceable. The new "T" Series brings leak testing to a whole new level.
Fortress Oil and Gas, LLC
Fortress Oil & Gas, LLC provides asset integrity solutions for the oil and gas industry. We deliver optimized integrity management programs for operators in both onshore and offshore environments throughout the upstream, midstream, and downstream markets. Whether you are implementing a new integrity management program or simply need to improve the existing one, we can help. We will work with you to make step-change improvements, reduce operational risk, increase efficiency, and maximize value.
FRAS Solutions
FRAS Solutions develops inspection methods that are safe and reliable. Our core business is 3D inspection (using 3D scanners to extract meaningful information from the geometry.) Services provided: • Corrosion assessments (ECDA, analysis and verification of 3D data.) • Mechanical damage assessments (Geometric and strain analysis)
Frazier Reliability Solutions
Frazier Reliability Solutions. State of the art NDT and reliability technologies. • ASNT / API / FAA / ISN Certified •Advanced Infrared Thermography. • Drone, Robot and Submersible Inspection Technologies. • Mechanical Integrity and Asset Management Programs. •Boiler, Pressure Vessel, Tank, Piping, Infrastructure, Fireproofing inspections.
FujiFilm Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Fujifilm’s imaging expertise goes far beyond photography. It ranges from the testing equipment using digital X-ray technology to find defects, Prescale to enable visual confirmation of physical pressure, microfilm solutions for long-term archiving, to micro filters ensuring precise filtering with our proprietary microporous membranes.
Gecko Robotics
Gecko Robotics is the solution to an industry problem; true, predictive maintenance inspections. Our robotic technology is the first to climb and scan boiler walls using ultrasound transducers and an HD visual camera.
GGS - Gamma Graphics Services
GGS Non Destructive Testing Services. Our expert technicians utilize LIXI’s Radiometric Profiling technology for piping, measuring everything in the beam in its current operative state. The most comprehensive data set and efficient, non-invasive experience delivers early detection, compliance, cost savings and confident maintenance decision-making.
Helmsman (India) Quality and Technology Services Pvt. Ltd.
HQTS provides quality control inspections, factory audits, supplier evaluations, consumer product testing, production control & management and quality control consulting throughout greater Asia. Backed by industry knowledge & experience of nearly 1,500 professionals, in more than 20 countries, HQTS is well-suited to be your partner in quality.
Helvetica Technical Consulting Sagl
Helvetica Technical Consulting Sagl provide advisory services to societies that do not compromise in quality. Services range from field inspection (coating survey, corrosion, insulation, UAV aerial thermography) to shop inspection like source/supplier inspection. Everything is done with our personnel and tools, impartially and professionally.
HRST specializes in technical services and product designs for HRSGs, waste heat and fired boilers globally. With experience on more than 250 boilers annually, HRST's team of engineers, technicians and designers are able to provide quality inspections, analysis work, design upgrades, professional training and more.
HSI Group Inc.
The Company offers a suite of services which combine advanced NDE technologies and highly qualified and experienced management and personnel. Utilizing proprietary technology and procedures HSI offers proven solutions to plant owners and operators, who wish to establish component condition and its remaining useful life.
IMechE Engineering Training Solutions
Part of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, IMechE ETS (formerly Argyll-Ruane) are the leading global provider of inspection and non-destructive testing services. Services include NDT and inspection training courses, examinations and consultancy.
Inductosense manufactures ultrasonic sensor technology for accurate monitoring of internal corrosion & erosion in pipework. Our patented, permanently installed and battery-free sensors can be deployed in volume, offering a more streamlined approach to monitoring – reducing manual intervention and saving costs, whilst integrating digitisation.
Innerspec Technologies
Innerspec provides Non-Destructive Testing solutions requiring high-power ultrasonic instrumentation, non-contact techniques, or customized integrations.The products developed by Innerspec include both integrated and portable systems that utilize non-contact EMAT (Electro Magnetic Acoustic Transducers) and Dry-Coupled Piezoelectric transducers.
Innovative Analytical Solutions
Innovative Analytical Solutions sells Optical Emission Spectrometers. Products included portable and laboratory systems. I.A.S also represents the Frontics America Company, which supplies a nondestructive Tensile and Yield measuring system. The combination of these systems allows the user to produce a mill test report where one does not exist.
Innovative Plant Consulting, LLC
Innovative Plant Consulting, LLC is a full service inspection company with an emphasis on turnaround support, mechanical integrity program implementation, and Unmanned Aircraft System (drones) inspections. Our certified Inspectors, Technicians, and Pilots will perform services with the highest level of integrity, competency, and professionalism.
Inspectahire Instrument Co. Ltd
Hirers of remote visual inspection instruments, providers of industrial inspection services on land, in air and underwater. FLIR OGI and IR camera Distributors. Worldwide hirers of Maxwell PEC technology. Distributors for CordDEX - ATEX NDT instruments, Flyability, SkyEye Drones for internal and external inspection tasks Operating in Worldwide
Inspection 4 Industry LLC
The Inspection 4 Industry provides third-party inspection services in manufacturing shops for the oil and gas industry. The company also offers mechanical integrity consultancy and ASME and API training courses.
Integrated Global Services, Inc. (IGS)
IGS is an international provider of surface protection solutions. We have over 35 years of experience helping customers solve metal wastage and reliability problems in mission-critical equipment and are an industry leader in the development and application of solutions to corrosion and erosion problems in challenging operating environments.
Integrity Products & Supplies Inc.
Integrity Products creates, manufactures, and distributes products for various industries. This includes our patented inspection access ports, Integrity Plugz™, and our growing Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) products line. These products are designed to either detect or mitigate the risks of CUI and Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC).
Invert Robotics Inc.
Invert Robotics has an innovative solution; we provide remote, robotic industrial inspections for a range of surfaces including stainless steel, glass and or rubber lined steel or in fact any smooth surface. A premier solution to prevent enclosed space entry.
Ionix Advanced Technologies
Ionix is the leading manufacturer of extreme environment ultrasonic systems & asset integrity solutions. Our HotSense™ platform powers our UT transducers for non-destructive testing, process control, and asset intelligence to enable continuous in-service monitoring and UT inspection tools, through a temperature range of -55 to 550 °C.
Ired Engineering & Inspection
We are providing world-class engineering, thermography, and inspection services. We specialize in Refractory inspections API 936, high-temperature thermography, predictive program development, equipment optimization, asset integrity, and laser technologies.
IRISNDT has been serving refineries, the oil and gas, chemical processing, and power generation industries since 1953. We are a diversified FULL-SERVICE Nondestructive Testing and Asset Integrity Engineering Company, with a focus on utilizing our abilities and training to minimize our customers' NDT and operating costs.
SOFLEX Radioactive LLC (ISO-RAD) is an ISOFLEX USA company based in St. Rose, LA. We look forward to serving the needs of the NDT industry by providing an extensive line of high-quality equipment, accessories and services, primarily in the following areas: Radiographic Testing, Ultrasonic Testing, Liquid Penetrant Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, and Visual Testing.
J & L INSPECTIONS is over 15 years of excellent work done. Our scope: Provision of INSPECTION and EXPEDITING services with national and international coverage for industrial projects related to the construction, assembly, implantation, expansion, modernization and maintenance of industrial plants.
Kontroll Technik US LLC
KontrollTechnik is a German company performing eddy current inspection services since 1977. For reliable operation of reformers and understanding of reformer tube condition is detection of creep damage and micro-cracks using the (RPS 360) proprietary OD and ID inspection.
LBNiW NDT & Inspection Services
LBNiW is an independent NDT expert contractor based in central Poland with a solid track record in providing inspection services for large industrial projects. We specialize in weld inspections on boilers, pipelines, pressure vessels and storage tanks.
Marex Subsea
Marex Subsea is a company performing inspection underwater, in confined space and in the air by drones. We are focusing on sealant system and corrosion inspections mainly for public aquarium, offshore and marine structure. We perform inspections during the construction phase, periodic inspections for the operating phase and we carry out expertises.
MATsolutions provides lab certified, used test & measurement equipment at prices up to 30% below competitors with Free Shipping on online purchases, a No Surprises Guarantee, 10-Day Right of Return and 98% Customer Satisfaction.
MaxGrip is a global consultancy firm in Asset Performance Management. Since 1997, we have been working with asset-intensive clients to realize progressive and sustainable business value through optimizing asset performance.
MDR Certification Engineers
MDR Certification Engineers has been in operation since 2001 We partner with industries involved in mineral and energy development, chemicals and bulk liquids storage and production, fabrication and manufacturing. We deliver technical inspection and testing, third party vendor inspection services, non -destructive testing & welding inspection.
MFE Rentals
MFE Rentals leads the market in NDT, RVI & Environmental inspection equipment including MFE's Mark IV Tank Scanner, Flyability's Elios, DJI drones, Olympus, Niton, and many more. Working with top manufacturers, we provide quality equipment sales, rentals, calibrations, and repairs for industry professionals.
MISTRAS Group, Inc. (NYSE: MG) is a US-based, leading "one source" multinational provider of integrated technology-enabled asset protection solutions, helping to maximize the safety and operational uptime for civilization’s most critical industrial and civil assets.
NDT Seals
NDT Seals is a family-owned and managed business in Houston, Texas. We design, manufacture and distribute the patented NDT Inspection Plug and NDT Inspection Point Labels. These products are used in the Process Safety Management and Mechanical Integrity efforts underway in the refining, chemical, petrochemical, paper and pulp, household products, food processing, and transportation industries.
NEXGEN Asset Management
NEXGEN Asset Management is a sophisticated EAM and CMMS software solution developed and published by NEXGEN Asset Management. With headquarters located in the United States, this reputable vendor has crafted a potent solution, ideal for medium-sized enterprises and large corporations.
Novosound Ltd
Novosound engineers a range of products for industrial inspection and monitoring, and partners with businesses on joint development projects to create unique applications and solve challenging problems in sectors such as Oil & Gas, Energy, Aerospace, Medical, Dental, Veterinary, and Wearable Healthcare.
Oceaneering provides a comprehensive range of services, from the inspection of a single component, to a full-scale integrity management program, and ensures you are able to leverage the benefits of our industry-leading technologies and services to save time and expenditure—regardless of industry.
Pinnacle builds and runs programs that empower facilities to make value-based decisions on how to manage risk, resulting in safe and profitable operations. We have gathered, organized, and analyzed more mechanical integrity and reliability data than any other company in the world.
PK Technology
PK Technology is a full-service inspection contractor, as well as, an in-house software development company specializing in the Oil and Gas industry. PK Technology is the creator of intelliSPEC, the worlds first Digital Data Management System (DDMS) which is a robust and intelligent solution designed to digitize, analyze and realize all vital data.
Premium Inspection and Testing Group
Historied provider of non-destructive testing, calibration, and inspection services nationwide. Various traditional or advanced services including rope access, drones, infrared inspection and automated ultrasonic testing (AUT) methods. Ability to cover many inspection or reliability needs for call-out, project, turnaround, nested or emergency use.
Pro-Surve Technical Services
Pro-Surve Technical & subsidiaries ProSource Radiography & Walzel Technincal Services are a NDT, integrated inspection, reliability engineering, Data management and project controls service provider assisting clients across CapEx/OpEx budgeted projects processes. We concentrate on solutions provided by the integration of engineering and inspection.
QingCheng AE Institute (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd
QingCheng AE Institute (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd (QCAE) (previous name: Beijing Soundwel Technology) has been specializing in the research and development (R & D), production and technical application services of acoustic emission (AE) testing system, ultrasonic flaw detectors, ultrasonic thickness gauges and other testing instruments since 1998
Quest Integrity
Quest Integrity is a global leader in the development and delivery of asset integrity and reliability management services. Our integrated solutions consist of technology-enabled, advanced inspection and engineering assessment services and products that help organizations in the pipeline, refining, chemical, syngas and power industries improve operational planning, increase profitability, and reduce operational and safety risks.
RINA Consulting Ltd
RINA is an independent global corporation that provides engineering and consultancy services, testing, inspection and certification. RINA is the integration of a number of respected companies including D’Appolonia, Centro Sviluppo Materiali (CSM), Edif ERA (ERA Technology Ltd), G.E.T., OST Energy, Polaris, SC Sembenelli Consulting and Seatech.
Sentinel Integrity Solutions
Sentinel Integrity Solutions is a full service inspection company, providing a full suite of inspection support to service the Petroleum (upstream, midstream and downstream operations), Chemical, Power and Pipeline Industries. We are respected by our clients for the unsurpassed reliability, dedication and professionalism exhibited by our personnel and the customer service and responsiveness exhibited by our Management Team.
Stress Engineering Services
Stress Engineering Services is an independent, employee-owned consulting engineering firm committed to engineering problem solving. With years of experience in refineries, power stations, chemical plants and pipelines, our focus is on providing engineering solutions to improve plant and refinery on-stream efficiency, safety, and reliability.
Studio Scano Associato
Your company is a living and unique organism. Knowing how to protect your company is an act of awareness and entrepreneurial strength, more than a legal obligation. We can provide the widest range of consultancy services, advising on pressure equipment and NDT. A widespread knowledge of many domains of work, to meet every industrial reality's need.
Subsea Solutions
Subsea Solutions provides third-party BOP and subsea well-control equipment auditing, maintenance, testing and training. We ensure equipment function, operation, and regulatory compliance and have performed over 2500 well-control equipment audits and verifications worldwide and are dedicated to reducing risk and downtime.
TEAM, Inc.
TEAM, Inc. is a global leading provider of integrated, digitally-enabled asset performance assurance and optimization solutions. We deploy conventional to highly specialized inspection, condition assessment, maintenance and repair services that result in greater safety, reliability and operational efficiency for our client’s most critical assets.
TechKnowServ Corp
Specializing in acoustic emission, phased array, guided wave, magnetic flux wire rope inspection, and rope access nondestructive testing. NDT training provided in phased array, ultrasound, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant, and other techniques.
Teratonics offers innovative solutions for contactless non-destructive testing and imaging inside dielectric materials and on coated metallic surfaces. Our non-hazardous terahertz technology reveals invisible defects and can simultaneously control the dimensions. Thanks to its unsurpassed speed, it can be directly deployed on production lines.
Trinity NDT WeldSolutions Pvt. Ltd.
Trinity NDT WeldSolutions Pvt. Ltd. is an NDT, Welding services company in India. Providing Ultrasonic testing, Radiography, X-ray, Eddy Current testing, Magnetic particle testing, Penetrant testing and visual testing. Provides welder certification, wps qualification, training of welders, brazer certification. NDT Level II Welding training.
Turbo NDT
Turbo NDT is the industry leader in providing an array of NDT services including general NDT methods and advanced demagnetization services. Our skilled technicians provide our clients with a quality experience to make a difference in safeguarding their equipment and machinery. Currently serving the NDT needs of the Houston, TX, Beaumont/Port Arthur, TX, Lafayette, LA, Baton Rouge, LA areas as well as the extended Gulf Coast Region.
Valor North America
We represents AISUS Inspection services from Aberdeen. Offering a suite of remote inspection solutions which have been designed to solve key industry challenges, across topsides, substructure and subsea infrastructure. Services are tailored to our client’s requirements and deployed remotely, reducing risk to personnel, at less cost.
VeriPhase Inc.
VeriPhase Inc. provides QA/QC and Level III services focusing on advanced ultrasonic methods like Phased Array and TOFD. In addition VeriPhase creates advanced software solutions like its Automatic Detection technology software which automatically processes and reports Phased Array encoded weld data.
Vinex Technology Limited
Vinex, tends to be at the leading edge of Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) systems for industrial videoscopes, military/defense borescopes or even customized visual instruments.
vthere provides exceptional services in remote visual assistance, surveys, and inspections. Its primary goal is reduce travelling and thereby expedite field training, maintenance and support resolutions. The vthere platform is built upon the solid foundation of Amazon AWS technology and is available globally.
Waygate Technologies, a Baker Hughes Business
Waygate Technologies, a Baker Hughes business (formerly GE Inspection Technologies), is an industrial inspection solutions company and the world leader in non-destructive testing (NDT).
Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates (WJE)
WJE is a global firm of engineers, architects, and materials scientists committed to helping solve, repair, and avoid problems in the built world. Since 1956, our applied experience from more than 175,000 projects and our state-of-the-art laboratory and testing facilities have made WJE a leader in providing innovative yet practical solutions.

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