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PK Technology provides a wide array of inspection services with digital solutions designed to deliver complete transparency and comprehensive knowledge to assist owner clients with making better data-driven business decisions in real-time. Moving the decision process from "thinking" to "knowing."

PK Technology uses intelliSPEC™ to optimize and expedite inspection services related to coatings, passive fire prevention, ladders and platform inspections, safety inspections, storage tank inspections, corrosion under insulation inspection and bolt inspection technology, as well as API, NACE, CWI and OSHA compliance activities in the offshore & onshore, oil & gas, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries.

By utilizing our in-house developed software and solutions, PK Technology can optimize our workforce and increase time on tools. Our clients, by their calculation, have experienced up to a 40% reduction in man-hours due to our workflow and technology. This man-hour reduction coupled with the almost instantaneous access to the data collected translates to not only significant savings in the real cost of the inspection activities but also a reduced liability by needing fewer contractors on-site to accomplish the same tasks and the ability to take action on data potentially preventing a PSM event.

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Corporate Headquarters
10811 E. Harry St.
Wichita, Kansas 67207 United States
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intelliSPEC DDMS mobile data collection software easily integrates into your current system (PCMS, SAP, Maximo, Primavera, etc.) for real-time, accurate reporting free of human error. Control your compliance with confidence.

Inspection Services

PK Technology provides a streamlined approach using highly skilled and certified individuals to meet all your API, NDE and NACE inspection needs. Combined with intelliSPEC, PK Technology is the only service contractor able to lower your inspection time and cost by 30%.


Comprehensive and innovative turnaround services coupled with our proprietary digital turnaround assessment technology

Flange Management

We focus on the needs of small, middle, and large-market businesses to help optimize and digitize the flange management process.

Offshore Fabric Maintenance

PK Technology’s Fabric Maintenance Service Program can provide a full life cycle, digital coating program that encompasses the initial survey through coating application.


PK Technology is always searching for highly motivated and skilled candidates to join our growing team. Click the link to see how you can become a member of the PK Technology family.

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