White Papers

Current Challenges in RBI Evergreening and a Potential Solution
Sponsored White Paper

This paper analyzes common manual-intensive processes and proposes a workflow bolstered by modern technology, outlining a pathway to streamline RBI evergreening.

Downstream Producer 2023 & Beyond Trends Survey
Sponsored White Paper

This survey, conducted by Reuters Events, provides insights into where the industry allocated its spending, its key challenges, and planned expenditures for 2024.

Essential Buyer’s Guide to Asset Integrity Management Software
Sponsored White Paper

Selecting software can be a tedious task, with many things to take into account, from key features to vendor reputation. With this guide, you will have the information you need to make an informed decision on the best AIM Software for your needs.

OmniScan™ X3 64 Phased Array and TFM Flaw Detector: Power You Can Carry
Partner Content

The OmniScan™ X3 64 phased array and TFM flaw detector is equipped with enhanced phased capabilities and even faster TFM. The rugged and portable instrument features powerful 64-element probes with a 128-aperture TFM.

Ten Cost-Saving Metrics Enabled by Asset Integrity Management Software
Sponsored White Paper

This white paper explores ten key savings drivers of AIM software, backed by case studies and operator feedback, highlighting immediate savings and metrics.

Optimizing On-Stream Inspections and Turnaround Planning: A Digital Transformation Case Study
Sponsored White Paper

This white paper from DIMATE explains how the implementation of a digital end-to-end inspection workflow helped a refinery operator in the Netherlands to optimize on-stream inspections and turnaround planning.

API’s Individual Certification Programs Bring Value To Personnel and Industry Operations: Survey
Sponsored White Paper

API conducted a survey of customers that validated the importance of ICP certifications to the individuals pursuing or holding certifications, as well as to the companies and the industry they work for.

Risk-Based Work Selection – Planning a Turnaround of the “Right Size”
Sponsored White Paper

This white paper from the experts at Becht demonstrates how the use of risk-based work selection can result in significant reductions in turnaround work scope.

The Importance of Long-Term Coating Management
Sponsored White Paper

This white paper from PK Technology discusses the importance of having a long-term strategy in place for managing piping and structural steel coatings in your facilities.

Phase Coherence Imaging for Flaw Detection
Sponsored White Paper

This white paper from EVIDENT summarizes the basic principles of TFM and PCI, and provides examples from real use cases using artificial defects to compare the image results from these two inspection techniques.

Cleaning and Inspection of Steam Cracking Furnace Convection Coils Now Possible
Sponsored White Paper

Through an Olefins plant case study, this white paper demonstrates how the use of new smart pigging technology has opened up the opportunity for both cleaning and a comprehensive assessment of a coil’s condition.

The Power of Visualization for Asset Integrity Management
Sponsored White Paper

This whitepaper will examine the digital technologies that are quickly becoming industry standards for asset integrity management and how they provide contextualized visualization for real-time insight into asset health and conditions.

Digital Lifecycle Excellence for Pipelines Provides the Foundation for Improving Productivity in Operations
Sponsored White Paper

This executive brief discusses that by using intelligent digital investments that directly improve operational excellence, energy leaders can demonstrate they can compete in the energy production supply chain.

The Key Trends Shaping Downstream Growth in the United States
Sponsored White Paper

Reuters Events have partnered with Wood to release the Downstream Industry Outlook: 2022 & Beyond report looking at key challenges & opportunities impacting future industry growth including more exclusive insight.

CML Optimization Pilot Project Helps Refinery Reduce Risk and Identify Minimum Reduced Inspection Spend of $384K
Sponsored White Paper

CML Prioritization by the methodology presented in this case study by Pinnacle is a new CML Optimization methodology and predicts future thinning based on past performance from that same CML across repairs and replacements.

Asset Integrity in the Digital Era
Sponsored White Paper

This white paper by Antea will explore the changes to technology and workforce that affect asset integrity management, the value in IIoT technologies for maintenance, and how to connect them for a profitable approach to mechanical integrity.

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