White Papers

Asset Integrity in the Digital Era
Sponsored White Paper

This white paper by Antea will explore the changes to technology and workforce that affect asset integrity management, the value in IIoT technologies for maintenance, and how to connect them for a profitable approach to mechanical integrity.

Phased Array Technology
Sponsored White Paper

This white paper from Olympus summarizes the basic principles of phased array, explains the kind of data generated by the technique, and briefly discusses some of the advantages of phased array compared with conventional ultrasound.

Ultrasonic Testing of Austenitic Stainless-Steel Welds
Sponsored White Paper

This white paper from the experts at TEAM explains the routinely used Ultrasonic Testing (UT) solution performed throughout the industry as a way to test material without damaging it.

Three Pillars of Asset Performance Management: People, Process, & Technology
Sponsored White Paper

Reuters Events has recently released the Three Pillars of Asset Performance Management: People, Process & Technology Whitepaper to identify, explore and implement the 3 core pillars underpinning an effective reliability strategy in downstream.

The Business Value of Digitalizing Industrial Inspection Processes
Sponsored White Paper

This sponsored white paper discusses the benefits of digitalizing industrial inspection processes, focusing on the architecture and technologies required to make an organization’s digital transformation successful and ensure a demonstrable ROI.

PROBLEM: Finding an expert resource to provide training for my team. SOLUTION: E²G API University, E²G Technical Institute (ETI), & Custom
Partner Content

Training options to meet your needs. E²G contracts with API to deliver training programs for FFS, Risk–Based Inspection, Damage Mechanisms, and Pressure Relieving Systems. ETI and Customized Training offers specialized courses based on industry...

Long Seam Weld Inspection Using the AxSEAM Scanner
Sponsored White Paper

This white paper from Olympus discusses new solutions for long seam weld inspections, which have historically been challenging to inspect because of their thin wall thicknesses, the vertical weld bevel orientation, and the pipe curvature.

Advanced Decoking & Cleanliness Verification (ADCV)
Sponsored White Paper

This white paper from the experts at Quest Integrity discusses how through the application of ADCV, facilities are able to use data-driven solutions to reduce decoking times and reveal unexpected operational issues and validate cleaning efforts.

The Digital Refinery: On-Stream Asset Integrity, Performance, and Corrosion Management
Sponsored White Paper

This downloadable white paper from the experts at Ionix will discuss how high temperature ultrasonic sensors are enabling on-stream asset integrity, performance, and corrosion management.

Advancing Touch Point Corrosion Management
Sponsored White Paper

This white paper from the experts at TEAM will walk you through a unique turn-key approach to TPC, which eliminates the need for operators to deal with multiple contractors, ensuring seamless integrity management of critical assets.

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