The Importance of People, Processes & Risk Based Inspection

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By Greg Alvarado at Inspectioneering Journal. This article appears in the September/October 2016 issue of Inspectioneering Journal


I am convinced that our most significant business challenges revolve around people and processes. Technology is a tool to help us bring these two camps together effectively. Risk-based inspection (RBI) programs and processes are front and center, both as a challenge to get it right, and as an integral tool and process to help us achieve success in risk management and equipment reliability. It has to be implemented, maintained, sustained, and in a state of continuous improvement over time in order to achieve the desired results.

Two of my favorite quotes come from Dan Goleman’s book, “Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence” and from a published Boeing article about their MEDA program, which I will share with you shortly. Experience and educational resources like Mr. Goleman’s book and the Boeing article help me appreciate and gain deeper insight into:

  1. Management challenges and concerns;
  2. The tremendous complexities involved working in and managing large plants and organizations;
  3. The impact of culture;
  4. The impact of human factors;
  5. How technology can help us overcome human limitations;
  6. The need for continuous learning;
  7. What it takes to facilitate and sustain learning organizations; and
  8. The need to challenge ourselves and normalize this notion that it is OK to be in a constant state of challenge or growth.
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Posted by Theron Dufrene on October 27, 2016
Your article makes some very good points. I have... Log in or register to read the rest of this comment.

Posted by Grady Hatton on November 21, 2016
Once again right on point. Reliability is not a... Log in or register to read the rest of this comment.

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