A New API Inspector Certification Program for Source Inspectors

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By John Reynolds at Intertek. This article appears in the January/February 2013 issue of Inspectioneering Journal


A new API Individual Certification Program (ICP) will be offered soon to certify inspectors who perform quality assurance (QA) surveillance and inspection activities on new materials and equipment for the energy and chemical (E&C) industry. It is being developed by the API with the assistance of numerous, experienced subject matter experts (SMEs) involved in source inspection activities. Passing an examination to demonstrate the individual’s knowledge of important quality assurance activities will be one of the basic requirements of this ICP. The program will be applicable to all segments of the E&C industry including upstream (e.g. exploration and production), mid-stream (e.g. pipelines and distribution), and downstream (refining and chemical manufacturing). The initial offering will be focused on entry level source inspectors of mechanical fixed equipment; while future offerings are planned to be focused on intermediate and advanced level source inspectors of mechanical – fixed equipment, mechanical – rotating equipment, instrumentation and electrical equipment and materials.

Why This Program Is Being Offered

The fundamental reason for developing this certification program is the fact that there is currently no other program available to qualify individuals performing quality surveillance of procured materials and equipment. As a result, numerous industry SMEs in source inspection activities recognized the need for it and contacted the API to request such a program. The globalization of our industry makes it more important than ever that quality surveillance personnel have increased assurance that materials and equipment procured meet contractual requirements as well as industry standards. That assurance will be enhanced by the fact that those responsible for source inspection/surveillance will be able to validate their knowledge of source inspection – related activities by passing an examination.

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