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Overview of Condition Based Monitoring (CBM)

Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) is a type of predictive maintenance that involves using sensors to measure the status of an asset over time while it is in operation. The data collected can be used to establish trends, predict failure, and calculate remaining life of an asset.[1] With CBM, maintenance is only performed when the data shows that performance is decreasing or a failure is likely. Rather than at specified intervals like with preventive maintenance.[2]

CBM has a number of benefits. For starters, because it works while the equipment is in service, it doesn’t interrupt equipment operation. It can help ensure equipment reliability and worker safety, and also reduce failure rates and unscheduled downtimes. Moreover, because maintenance activities are scheduled ahead of time, CBM tends to be less costly than preventive maintenance.[2,3,4]

This method has some limitations as well though. The tools used to monitor equipment for CBM can be expensive to install. Employees must be trained to use CBM technology effectively, which can cost time and money. Furthermore, the sensors employed might not work in harsher operating environments and can have trouble detecting fatigue damage.[2,3]

Vibration Monitoring

Vibration Monitoring is a form of condition based monitoring that involves listening to vibrations in an operating piece of equipment in order to determine whether abnormal vibration patterns exist. Vibration monitoring is an important part of effective asset integrity management, because changes in vibration levels can be indicative of advanced wear and a number of other problems, including equipment coming loose from mountings or malfunctioning parts. Information gathered while monitoring for vibration inconsistencies can be used while planning predictive maintenance activities.



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