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Aaron Equipment Company
Aaron Equipment Buys and Sells Process and Packaging Equipment. Aaron's inventory contains the largest selection of process and packaging equipment in the industry. As specialists in equipment procurement, Aaron advises its clients on the availability of equipment from single machines to large plants and processes.
Advanced OEM Solutions
Advanced OEM Solutions (AOS) designs, develops, and manufactures cutting-edge phased array and conventional multi-channel instruments for the NDT industry. Our products are designed to be compact, customizable, cost effective and easy to use.
Allied Reliability
Allied Reliability provides reliability and maintenance solutions across your assets' lifecycles to deliver the required throughput at the lowest operating cost. Our asset management solutions include Consulting, Training, Condition Monitoring, Industrial Staffing, Electrical Services, Equipment Repair, Lubrication Systems, and Pipeline Products.
Aspen Aerogels
Manufacturer of aerogel blanket insulations delivering superior thermal performance, speed of application and resistance to heat, water and mechanical abuse. Our space saving products are used globally by leading companies to boost efficiency, CUI defense and passive fire protection in Refining, Petrochemical, LNG, Power, and Offshore applications.
Bayport Training & Technical Center, Inc.
Bayport Technical specializes in manufacturing training tools such as glass & acrylic training models, cut-away valves, and a variety of working units for instrumentation, process tech, maintenance, distillation, & more. Our equipment is created with the intent to provide hands-on education, training, & experience for students & industry personnel.
Beijing TIME High Technology Ltd.
Beijing TIME High Technology Ltd. has been specialized in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of precision measuring instruments since 1984 in China. We manufacture high quality Portable Hardness Tester, Surface Roughness Tester, Thickness Gauge, Bench Hardness Tester, Vibration Meter, Ultrasonic Flaw Detector, etc. ISO 9001 certified since 1995.
CiXi Feite Sealing Material Co Ltd
CiXi Feite Sealing Material Co Ltd,it is one of the gaskets and sealing packings munufacturer in China.It is specialized in designing, manufacturing and exporting a variety of gaskets and sealing products. , Main products:spiral wound gasket,ring joint gasket,graphite packing,ptfe packing,non-asbestos gasket
Crowngas Detection System Trading And Contracting
Crowngas Detection System is a leading company for Fixed & Portable Fire & Gas Detection Systems. Offering comprehensive solutions based on risk, gas hazards and identification based on 3D Mapping. From Explosion Proof SIL 2 Systems in Hazardous Area's to Addressable Commercial Solutions - We have the ideal solution for all your Field Requirements.
CS&P Technologies
CS&P Technologies is a family-owned company based in Houston Texas with over 40 years experience in maintenance, repair, and operation in the petrochemical industry. From conception to completion, CS&P can meet your pressure vessel and boiler needs with our expertise in ASME Code calculations and certified welders. On call 24/7 to meet your needs.
CTI Industries
CTI has a 40+ year history of offering proven methods to increase reliability and service life of your critical heat exchanger tubes. Combat erosion/corrosion with an alloy upgrade of Full Length Tube Liners and Shield/Seals.If your existing tube material just isn't getting the job done, CTI Industries can provide you with solutions worldwide.
Dacon Inspection Technologies Co., Ltd.
Dacon brings global expertise and international experience to all inspection techniques from Intelligent Pigging and API Inspections through to Rope Access and Risk Based Inspections. Using all conventional and advanced NDT techniques, Dacon offers complete solutions to bring it's clients asset integrity that can be trusted day in and day out.
Delta Controls Corporation
Delta Controls Corporation, USA is an internationally recognized expert in the design, engineering, manufacturing, and support of engineered process equipment and instrumentation. Delta’s instrumentation expertise allows our Louisiana based company to provide innovative and quality solutions for demanding applications untouched by competitors.
DFC Tank Pressure Vessel Manufacturer Co., Ltd
Set up in 1984, DFC Tank Pressure Vessel Manufacturer Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer who always has stringent requirements for pressure vessels. Our product scope includes pressure vessel, heat exchanger, storage vessel, filter, separator and so on.
DÜRR NDT provides industrial X-ray inspection systems and Software for non-destructive testing (NDT), such as CR imaging plate scanners, DR flat panel detectors, X-ray inspection software, NDT workflow management software, automatic film processors and X-ray chemicals.
Echo Ultrasonics
50 years of developing and manufacturing the world's leading NDT ultrasound couplants enable us to provide you with the most cost-effective, highest performance, safest couplant for your application. Let us recommend and send samples of the right product with today's technology for your specific application.
Eddyfi Technologies
With the most advanced NDT technologies in the world, we are helping OEMs, asset owners, and service companies enhance productivity, save lives, and protect the environment.
Evident Scientific
Evident's industrial solutions range from microscopes and videoscopes to nondestructive testing equipment and X-ray analyzers for maintenance, manufacturing and environmental applications. Backed by state-of-the-art technologies, Evident products are widely used for quality control, inspection, and measurement.
ForTest designs and manufactures its leak testing and flow testing tools with care. They are modern, fast, reliable and traceable. The new "T" Series brings leak testing to a whole new level.
FRAS Solutions
FRAS Solutions develops inspection methods that are safe and reliable. Our core business is 3D inspection (using 3D scanners to extract meaningful information from the geometry.) Services provided: • Corrosion assessments (ECDA, analysis and verification of 3D data.) • Mechanical damage assessments (Geometric and strain analysis)
FujiFilm Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Fujifilm’s imaging expertise goes far beyond photography. It ranges from the testing equipment using digital X-ray technology to find defects, Prescale to enable visual confirmation of physical pressure, microfilm solutions for long-term archiving, to micro filters ensuring precise filtering with our proprietary microporous membranes.
Full Source
Founded in 2001, Full Source, LLC is a leading online retailer of safety gear, workwear and apparel.
Great Northern Products
Great Northern Products (GNP) sources and sells specified, engineered products online. Based in the Greater Boston area, with the power and reach of Internet (digital) solutions, our specified, engineered products are geared for engineers and tech data (tds) seekers to inform the buyer with technical standards, specs and real world data
Hunan Standard Steel Co.,ltd
Hunan Standard Steel Co.,Ltd as the professional manufacturer of steel pipe and pipe fittings.
Inductosense manufactures ultrasonic sensor technology for accurate monitoring of internal corrosion & erosion in pipework. Our patented, permanently installed and battery-free sensors can be deployed in volume, offering a more streamlined approach to monitoring – reducing manual intervention and saving costs, whilst integrating digitisation.
Innerspec Technologies
Innerspec provides Non-Destructive Testing solutions requiring high-power ultrasonic instrumentation, non-contact techniques, or customized integrations.The products developed by Innerspec include both integrated and portable systems that utilize non-contact EMAT (Electro Magnetic Acoustic Transducers) and Dry-Coupled Piezoelectric transducers.
Innovative Analytical Solutions
Innovative Analytical Solutions sells Optical Emission Spectrometers. Products included portable and laboratory systems. I.A.S also represents the Frontics America Company, which supplies a nondestructive Tensile and Yield measuring system. The combination of these systems allows the user to produce a mill test report where one does not exist.
Inspectahire Instrument Co. Ltd
Hirers of remote visual inspection instruments, providers of industrial inspection services on land, in air and underwater. FLIR OGI and IR camera Distributors. Worldwide hirers of Maxwell PEC technology. Distributors for CordDEX - ATEX NDT instruments, Flyability, SkyEye Drones for internal and external inspection tasks Operating in Worldwide
Integrity Products & Supplies Inc.
Integrity Products creates, manufactures, and distributes products for various industries. This includes our patented inspection access ports, Integrity Plugz™, and our growing Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) products line. These products are designed to either detect or mitigate the risks of CUI and Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC).
Ionix Advanced Technologies
Ionix is the leading manufacturer of extreme environment ultrasonic systems & asset integrity solutions. Our HotSense™ platform powers our UT transducers for non-destructive testing, process control, and asset intelligence to enable continuous in-service monitoring and UT inspection tools, through a temperature range of -55 to 550 °C.
SOFLEX Radioactive LLC (ISO-RAD) is an ISOFLEX USA company based in St. Rose, LA. We look forward to serving the needs of the NDT industry by providing an extensive line of high-quality equipment, accessories and services, primarily in the following areas: Radiographic Testing, Ultrasonic Testing, Liquid Penetrant Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, and Visual Testing.
JMD NDT is founded to offer Reliable NDT Products & Accessories to US & Global markets. Its objective is to offer quality products & accessories at right price and is committed for customer satisfaction”¦
Johns Manville
Johns Manville, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is a leading manufacturer of premium-quality building and specialty products. The Denver-based company has three divisions, Insulation Systems, Commercial Roofing, and Engineered Product. Johns Manville employs 8,000 people and operates 46 manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe, and China.
Machining Design Associated Ltd.
Machining Design Associated Ltd. is an ISO: 9001:2015 certified company dedicated to producing superior-quality CNC machined and custom metal parts meeting all our customers specifications. Our company only utilizes best-practices to ensure the work we do for our customers is in the most efficient, precise and cost-effective way possible.
MATsolutions provides lab certified, used test & measurement equipment at prices up to 30% below competitors with Free Shipping on online purchases, a No Surprises Guarantee, 10-Day Right of Return and 98% Customer Satisfaction.
MFE Rentals
MFE Rentals leads the market in NDT, RVI & Environmental inspection equipment including MFE's Mark IV Tank Scanner, Flyability's Elios, DJI drones, Olympus, Niton, and many more. Working with top manufacturers, we provide quality equipment sales, rentals, calibrations, and repairs for industry professionals.
NDT Seals
NDT Seals is a family-owned and managed business in Houston, Texas. We design, manufacture and distribute the patented NDT Inspection Plug and NDT Inspection Point Labels. These products are used in the Process Safety Management and Mechanical Integrity efforts underway in the refining, chemical, petrochemical, paper and pulp, household products, food processing, and transportation industries. is a Danish importer and merchant of NDT equipment and consumables. Among others, we carry brands such as GE, Mitcorp, MR-Chemie, ViZaar, IT Concepts, Krautkramer and AGFA. We have a big product catalogue with equipment for all kinds of testing and inspection technologies.
NobelClad, A DMC Company
NobelClad is the world leader in the field of explosion welding. We have more than half a century of expertise, and we are the one company with the most global resources and infrastructure committed to clad, offering multi-metal solutions for complex applications, including oil and gas and petrochemical as well as a suite of Industrial Services.
Novosound Ltd
Novosound engineers a range of products for industrial inspection and monitoring, and partners with businesses on joint development projects to create unique applications and solve challenging problems in sectors such as Oil & Gas, Energy, Aerospace, Medical, Dental, Veterinary, and Wearable Healthcare.
Oceanscan Inc.
Oceanscan Inc. specializes in renting NDT & Subsea equipment. Oceanscan Inc. is an extension of Oceanscan Ltd. a renowned leader in providing quality equipment rentals for over 40 years. Both USA & UK bases offer the latest and advanced technology to support the Oil & Gas, Offshore Survey, Defense, Petrochemical, Renewables, and Nuclear Industries.

ACHIEVE HIGH PERFORMANCE TURNAROUNDS -- Onpoint services improve project execution, reduce HS&E risk, and lower turnaround costs for plant owners. We supply project planning and scheduling, logistics services, training programs, and safety professionals and attendants. Onpoint brings the know-how to help deliver turnarounds on time and on budget.
ORANGE Ultrasonics
ORANGE Ultrasonics engineers online fouling mitigation technologies for heat exchangers, pipelines, and other critical assets. Purpose-built ultrasonic solutions disrupt fouling and scaling while equipment is online and in normal operation. Maximize the run-length of production and avoid the mechanical, labour, and environmental costs of down time.
Permanent Steel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
Permanent Steel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd have years of experience in manufacturing of stainless steel tube, hollow section, pipe fittings, galvanized pipe.
Petro Rabigh
Petro Rabigh produces the fuels and plastics essential to modern life. Our refined products are vital to the transport industry, while our petrochemicals are used in everything from food packaging, clothing and construction materials to medical supplies and computer parts.
Proceq manufactures high-quality portable testing instruments for the NDT testing of material properties of metal, concrete, rock, paper and composites. Proceq designs and manufactures its products in Switzerland and with its in-house Research and Development team continues to bring products to the market that set new standards for the industry.
QingCheng AE Institute (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd
QingCheng AE Institute (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd (QCAE) (previous name: Beijing Soundwel Technology) has been specializing in the research and development (R & D), production and technical application services of acoustic emission (AE) testing system, ultrasonic flaw detectors, ultrasonic thickness gauges and other testing instruments since 1998
TEAM, Inc.
TEAM, Inc. is a global leading provider of integrated, digitally-enabled asset performance assurance and optimization solutions. We deploy conventional to highly specialized inspection, condition assessment, maintenance and repair services that result in greater safety, reliability and operational efficiency for our client’s most critical assets.
Teratonics offers innovative solutions for contactless non-destructive testing and imaging inside dielectric materials and on coated metallic surfaces. Our non-hazardous terahertz technology reveals invisible defects and can simultaneously control the dimensions. Thanks to its unsurpassed speed, it can be directly deployed on production lines.
Trinity NDT WeldSolutions Pvt. Ltd.
Trinity NDT WeldSolutions Pvt. Ltd. is an NDT, Welding services company in India. Providing Ultrasonic testing, Radiography, X-ray, Eddy Current testing, Magnetic particle testing, Penetrant testing and visual testing. Provides welder certification, wps qualification, training of welders, brazer certification. NDT Level II Welding training.
United Industries Group, Inc.
Design, Manufacture and Installation of Bolted Storage Tanks, Aluminum Domes and Reservoir Covers. Manufacture AWWA D103 and API 650 storage tanks. Tank Inspection Services.
Vinex Technology Limited
Vinex, tends to be at the leading edge of Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) systems for industrial videoscopes, military/defense borescopes or even customized visual instruments.
Vortex Liquid Color
Vortex Liquid Color (VLC) is a manufacturer of custom developed liquid color concentrates for the plastics industry. We focus on providing bright, crisp and clear colors, for applications in consumer products, containers, medical and construction.

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