Guided Wave Ultrasonics (GWUT)

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Guided Wave Ultrasonics (GWUT) is a nondestructive examination technique that projects sound waves along pipe walls in order to detect corrosion or other damage. Guided wave ultrasonic testing is also sometimes referred to as long range ultrasonic testing (LRUT). This method is performed by placing a ring of transducers around a pipe. The sound waves emitted from these transducers travel down both directions of the pipe. If they come in contact with corrosion or damage they will be reflected back towards the transducers, which then collect the data automatically.

Guided wave ultrasonics is useful for examining a long length of pipe quickly and from a single location. This technique does not require contact with the pipe except for where the transducer ring is fitted. Guided wave ultrsonics is an effective techinique for inspecting pipes in difficult to reach locations, such as those in high locations, behind walls, or under insulation. In most cases however, this method is best used as a screening tool part of a larger inspection program.

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