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Overview of Corrosion Circuit

Defined at the Process and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) level, a Corrosion Circuit is typically shown in a document as part of a corrosion/materials diagram (CMD) or as part of a damage mechanisms review (DMR) diagram. The circuit represents a common corrosion environment and materials of construction and includes all equipment within that loop that is susceptible to the same corrosion/damage mechanisms and at the same approximate rates of deterioration. This is at a more detailed level than the Corrosion Loop, or PFD level. It may require making breaks in equipment like columns, for example, that may have vastly different conditions and metallurgies at different elevations. Grouping CMLs or TMLs at this level is often helpful for data analysis as they are grouped in the same common environment providing the analyst with the confidence he/she is making valid comparisons when comparing data to identify trends and changes.

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