API 560 - Fired Heaters for General Refinery Service

Last update: Jan 13, 2017

API 560, Fired Heater for General Refinery Service, is a standard developed by the American Petroleum Institute that specifies requirements and gives recommendations for the design, materials, fabrication, inspection, testing, preparation for shipment, and erection of fired heaters, air preheaters (APHs), fans, and burners for general refinery service. This standard does not apply to the design of steam reformers or pyrolysis furnaces

Covered sections include:

  • Purchaser’s and Vendor’s Responsibilities;
  • Design Considerations (Process, Combustion and Mechanical);
  • Materials of Construction;
  • Tubes and Tube Supports;
  • Headers, Piping, Terminals, and Manifolds;
  • Loads and Allowable Stress;
  • Refractory Linings and Castable Design and Construction;
  • Structures and Appurtenances;
  • Stacks, Ducts and Breeching;
  • Burners, Dampers and Controls;
  • Fan Drives;
  • Sootblowers;
  • Instruments and Connections;
  • Shop Fabrication and Field Erection;
  • Inspection and Testing;
  • Air Preheat Systems;
  • Efficiency Measurement; and
  • Noise Measurement.

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