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Inductosense Develops the WAND-Remote Data Collector: A Cost-Effective Wireless Solution for Accurate, Remote Thickness Monitoring of Pipework and Vessels

Inductosense, November 8, 2021

Bristol based technology developer Inductosense, has developed the WAND Remote Data Collector (WAND-RDC) for cost-effective remote internal corrosion/erosion monitoring. The product is based on Inductosense’s inductively coupled WAND sensor technology and reduces the need for NDT personnel on-site to take ultrasonic thickness measurements. It also eliminates the indirect costs associated with inspections - such as the costs of scaffolding or removal of insulation.

The WAND-RDC can be easily retrofitted above up to 8 WAND thickness monitoring sensors. These thin, battery-free sensors can be permanently installed onto pipework or vessels underneath coating or insulation. It can be scheduled to acquire data from the sensors at pre-defined intervals and the data is then transmitted to a tablet up to 200 metres away using long range Bluetooth5. Unlike other solutions on the market, it does not require a mesh network to be set up. The data can be uploaded to the cloud and analysed using the Inductosense iDART software.

CTO and Co-founder of Inductosense, Dr. Cheng Huan Zhong, said “The WAND RDC is a hugely exciting development for Inductosense and our customers! We listened to the problems that our customers faced with existing corrosion monitoring solutions, such as battery failures, technology obsolescence, the excessive upfront and recurring costs of alternative solutions, significant downtime to install and the fact customers end up with a lot of useless data. Using long range Bluetooth was a simple solution to navigate battery failures and the cybersecurity risks experienced by our customers. It’s also a very quick product to install and can be moved around a customer’s asset to increase the frequency of data collection in the locations the customer needs more data. The product will also be offered on a subscription basis which we believe could be a real game changer for the market.”

Inductosense has now deployed WAND solutions on a global scale in 15 countries, supporting major operators and service companies with their digitisation and net zero objectives. The WAND-RDC is one of many new and innovative solutions from the company, further WAND products are under development with the aim of offering a wide range of WAND solutions to customers on a subscription basis, allowing them to optimise their inspection and monitoring programmes.

About Inductosense
Established in 2015, Inductosense is a spin-out from the Ultrasonics and Non-Destructive Testing Group at the University of Bristol. The firm’s corrosion monitoring technology was developed over several years at the University by Dr. Chenghuan Zhong, Prof. Anthony Croxford and Prof Paul Wilcox.

Specialising in the development of pioneering technology to deliver improved corrosion monitoring, the Bristol-based company supports a range of sectors including Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Chemical, Mining, and Renewables around the world. Inductosense’s core product, the ‘WAND’, is a single-point ultrasonic corrosion monitoring that accurately measures wall thickness and corrosion rates over time, enabling predictive maintenance and optimisation of asset integrity.

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