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The Equity Engineering Group (E2G) Announces Exclusive Agreement to Maintain, Update, and Distribute SIMFLEX-III Software for Pipe Stress Analysis

SIMFLEX was originally developed by L.C. Peng, founder of Peng Engineering

The Equity Engineering Group, Inc., January 8, 2019

E2G|The Equity Engineering Group, Inc. (E2G) has been given exclusive rights for SIMFLEX-III, Pipe Stress Analysis Software.  SIMFLEX-III will complement the proprietary programs the company has spent years authoring, developing, and managing to meet current industry needs and ensure compliance with newest regulations, codes, and standards.

SIMFLEX-III is a new program designed to replace SIMFLEX-II, and the original SIMFLEX program released in 1980.  The new program SIMFLEX-III is accessed through a web browser and executed in a cloud computing environment.  SIMFLEX-III has new web-based three-dimensional graphics capabilities, a new web-based viewer to review the output file and maintains the component-oriented input scheme that greatly simplifies the input process that reduces the chances of error.

Like the original SIMFLEX-II, SIMFLEX-III maintains the once through process allowing all the Code compliance analysis, spring design, rotating equipment load compliance report, anchor and support load combination table, limit-stop and friction inclusion to be done with a single set-up of input data in a single computer run.

The original SIMFLEX Software for Pipe Stress Analysis was authored under the leadership of Peng Engineering’s founder and recognized industry expert, the late Liang-Chuan Peng, and continues to be considered the definitive reference on pipe stress engineering.  Tsen-Loong Peng selected E2G, whose President and CEO David A. Osage, ASME Fellow, P.E., was a respected colleague of his father.  Mr. Peng explained, “Mr. Osage knew my father for several decades, as they were both experts in their disciplines having authored many technical papers that continue to serve as the foundation for many industry advancements.  I trust David and E2G to carry the mantle of SIMFLEX forward.  E2G’s engineering experts will ensure that SIMFLEX-III adheres to the latest industry guidance, while enhancements are made to increase functionality.”

Mr. Osage continued, “Liang-Chuan Peng was a pioneer and a leading industry expert, coauthoring one of the most thorough and technically advanced publications on Piping Stress Engineering. The book’s coauthor was Liang-Chuan’s son, Tsen-Loong Peng.  The book published by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in 2009, exhibits their technical expertise.  Their commitment to continuous improvement contributed to maintaining and enhancing the SIMFLEX software suite.”  Mr. Osage continued, “E2G’s team of innovators are committed to continuing to maintain and enhance SIMFLEX-III, which will now be offered as part of our industry leading software solutions.  An emphasis in future development will be placed on the Fitness-For-Service (FFS) assessment of in-service piping containing flaws or conditions that limit remaining life.

The newly released version of the program has adopted the component-oriented input scheme which greatly simplifies the input process. Because of this simplification of input, it also greatly reduces the chances of making the wrong input.

Our diverse subscriber base continuously provides valuable feedback that challenges us to leverage our technology and development resources to meet changing industry needs.  We are now offering, maintaining and enhancing SIMFLEX-III, a trusted industry authority, allowing us to expand our offering of best in class software solutions,” explained Tom Seffernick, Director of Technology and Software Products. 

E2G strives to provide clients the best service by staying ahead of the technology curve.  They chair many of the industry committees where needs are discussed, and codes and standards are set. E2G clients benefit from their deep industry knowledge, technical expertise, and practical solutions derived from years of experience working in facility environments.

E2G demonstrates the business benefits of technologies that ensure safe business performance while pushing the operational envelope by improving equipment reliability. Offering the latest version of SIMFLEX-III provides the industry an alternative solution to more costly and complicated products currently available.

About E2G

E2G | The Equity Engineering Group, Inc. is an employee-owned engineering firm whose focus is providing specialized engineering consulting services for new and aging infrastructure in the refining, petrochemical, chemical and other industries. E2G helps clients improve profitability with consulting strategies and software tools that manage risk and control inspection costs throughout the life-cycle of a facility’s equipment.

To offer our clients the best service, we stay ahead of the technology curve and chair many of the industry committees where needs are discussed and codes and standards are set. E2G clients benefit from our deep industry knowledge, technical expertise, and practical solutions derived from years of experience working in facility environments. E2G demonstrates the business benefits of technologies that ensure safe business performance while pushing the operational envelope by improving equipment reliability.

For more information, please visit the company’s website, follow their LinkedIn page or contact Dawn Marie Lecklikner, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at

About Peng Engineering

Peng Engineering was founded by Liang-Chuan Peng, a leading authority in the field of pipe stress analysis and piping engineering. L.C. Peng has authored, co-authored and presented many technical papers on these subjects.

About Simflex-III

SIMFLEX-III offers accuracy, productivity and reliability in a fast and easy to use software package. The most unique feature of the SIMFLEX program is its Once-Through approach of analysis. The program can see through all the load conditions involved. Therefore, it automatically combines the load cases involved to calculate the thermal expansion stress range, the sustained stress, and the occasional stress involving earthquake, wind, and other occasional loads. A complete code stress compliance table is generated tabulating all the calculated stresses against the allowable stresses. This table can also be presented in a one-page graphical chart, including all the data points of the system analyzed. 

SIMFLEX-III is accessed through a web browser using a tablet, iPad, or PC, and the program is executed in a cloud computing environment.  The SIMFLEX- III web application provides a step-by-step procedure for the analysis of a piping system.  The steps outlined below are all performed within the SIMFLEX- III web application.

  • STEP 1 – The user creates a SIMFLEX-III input file using a special editor.  The SIMFLEX-III manual is available within the web application for reference.
  • STEP 2 – The input file is submitted and checked for errors.  Errors are corrected by returning to STEP 1.
  • STEP 3 – A three-dimensional graphic display of the input piping system is provided to check the geometry.  Standard graphic manipulation such as zoom and rotate is provided.  Node numbering may be displayed along with specific piping component types including straight pipe, elbows, valves, equipment connections, spring hangers, etc.
  • STEP 4 – The SIMFLEX-III input file is submitted to the SIMFLEX-III Cloud Computing Environment, output and graphics files are returned.
  • STEP 5 – The SIMFLEX-III input file may be reviewed by the user using a viewer created to streamline browsing of the analysis results.  A general-purpose editor is provided with search capabilities.  In addition, graphical display of output is provided included deformed shape and a stress profile indicating the highest stressed areas.

Note that the SIMFLEX-III input and output files may be saved on the user’s tablet, iPad, PC, etc.  These files are not saved for future use within the web application.

Additional information on performing a piping stress analysis using the SIMFLEX-III web application is provided in the SIMFLEX-III Operations Manual.  This manual is available within the SIMFLEX-III web application.  For more information contact:

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