Press Release

FAM Germany Sees Demand for CHOREN Gas Compressors from Europe and the Middle East Gas Power Plant Expansion

Niagra Worldwide, January 23, 2014


Freiberg, Germany - Faith Asset Management Germany GmbH & Co. KG (FAM Germany), in conjunction with Niagara Worldwide announces the orderly sale of all equipment at the former CHOREN Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Refinery in Freiberg, Germany to make way for site redevelopment. The CHOREN 7 acre Beta Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Refinery was used for beta testing of sustainable CO2 neutral fuel production from organic feedstock. Equipment was used solely for beta test production and until the plant was decommissioned in 2011. Some equipment is brand new and was never installed.

The FT Synthesis, the heavy duty Nueman & Esser (NEA) compressors, a 3-Stage Aerzen Compressor, and associated power and processing equipment are a focus of the global oil and gas industry and it’s rapid expansion. The International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts the world will spend $38 trillion on energy infrastructure by 2035 with much of that in natural gas and renewables. Europe, Asia and the Middle East are looking to natural gas as an affordable and renewable option. The EU alone is running out of time with the 20/20/20 directive that 20% of power must be from renewable resources by 2020. In recent months, Niagara Worldwide, with support from representatives in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, have invested in technologies, projects, and programs capable of increasing global energy generation. “The like new equipment at CHOREN presents a unique value opportunity for someone looking to expand”, said Hugo Volk, Manager of European Operations.

Niagara Worldwide LLC acquires, manages, markets and sells for final disposition idle industrial property and assets around the world on its own account and for the benefit of other international companies. Properties procured by Niagara Worldwide vary in size, scope and type, requiring very specific redevelopment efforts designed by our growth management team to suit the specific location and respective needs of the community and its specialized clients.


For further information:
Niagara Worldwide LLC
Eric J. Spirtas, President
P: 314-780-3742


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