July/August 2017 Inspectioneering Journal
Date July/ August 2017
Volume  23
Issue 4
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July/August 2017 Article Index

Investigating Pipeline Corrosion Failures
July/August 2017 Inspectioneering Journal
By Rick Eckert at DNV GL - North America Oil & Gas, and Dr. Kathy Buckingham at DNV GL

Failure analysis of piping that has experienced corrosion damage provides operators with valuable information needed to prevent future failures. Effective processes and procedures are essential when investigating the cause of corrosion on pipelines and piping systems.

Fight-or-Flight Inspection: Don
July/August 2017 Inspectioneering Journal
By Mark Savage at Sentinel Integrity Solutions, Inc.

3 common repair scenarios include routine maintenance, scope repairs, and major discoveries. An inspector’s ability to properly manage each situation can mean the difference between mechanical integrity success and failure.

Drone Inspection and NDT in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry
July/August 2017 Inspectioneering Journal
By Chris Leightell at Industrial SkyWorks

The adoption of drones for use in industry is a trend that has grown rapidly over the past few years. As the technology increases in popularity, its capabilities continue to evolve beyond basic visual imaging, boosting the list of ever-growing applications.

Advanced Buckling Analysis of a Reactor Tank Supported by Four Legs
July/August 2017 Inspectioneering Journal
By Michael Turnquist at Quest Integrity Group

This article outlines the engineering and assessment methodologies applied during the analysis of a failure of a 15-foot diameter reactor tank supported by four legs.

Are Your FEMI KPIs Getting Old and Stale?
July/August 2017 Inspectioneering Journal
By John Reynolds at Intertek

Are your key performance indicators actually driving improvement? Could they be more effective? In this actionable and concise article, John Reynolds is back again to discuss some KPIs you could be using to monitor your progress down the path to FEMI excellence.

Establishing Risk Thresholds or Targets for RBI
July/August 2017 Inspectioneering Journal
By Greg Alvarado at Inspectioneering Journal

Establishing risk targets is an important aspect of any risk-based inspection (RBI) program and is a requirement of API RP 580. Metrics and consistency are important considerations for those using RBI to measure and manage risks as part of their decision-making process.

Beyond Hazardous Area Classification Mechanical Equipment Ignition Sources
July/August 2017 Inspectioneering Journal
By Richard W. Prugh at Chilworth Technology (a DEKRA Insight company)

In deflagration incidents, electrical arcs and electrostatic sparks are often considered to be primary ignition sources. However, there are a variety of other ignition sources. Do you consider mechanical equipment and the significant non-electrical ignition hazards they may present?

Microwave Inspection Technology Applied to Composite Pipeline Repair
July/August 2017 Inspectioneering Journal
By Buddy Powers at Clock Spring Company, and Donald McNichol at Evisive, Inc.

Composite technology developed for pipeline repair can be a cost-effective method of improving safety while keeping maintenance costs down. However, composite materials present significant challenges to conventional NDT methods.

Making Bad Actor Elimination Programs Work
July/August 2017 Inspectioneering Journal
By Rick Hoffman at Becht Engineering

Most plants have pieces of equipment that are chronic problems. These problems impact profitability due to the frequency of outages, unexpected cost of repairs, and cost of lost production. It is critical that some specific actions are taken to identify and eliminate these “Bad Actors.”

Effective mechanical integrity programs start with qualified and experienced personnel
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If you are developing a mechanical integrity program, or you would like to optimize your existing mechanical integrity program, do you have qualified MI consultants to meet your regulatory needs? If you already have a sound, defensible MI inspection system in place, do you have qualified and experienced personnel maintaining your program?

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