July/August 2012 Inspectioneering Journal
Date July/August 2012
Volume  18
Issue 4
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July/August 2012 Inspectioneering Journal Article Index

    July/August 2012 Inspectioneering Journal

    We have recently learned of one organized joint industry project (JIP) that was announced at the Spring 2012 API Refining meeting. As information has become available we have decided to present it to our readership.

    July/August 2012 Inspectioneering Journal

    At most operating facilities, a significant amount of time, effort, and money is expended on problem flanged joints that repeatedly leak. Joints that are repeatedly tightened online, that require installation of leak clamps, or that have resulted in...

    Authors: Robert C. Davis
    July/August 2012 Inspectioneering Journal

    Steam turbines exist in most every major industrial facility. Many of these turbines have been running for years and have been very stable. Typically, after a period of time, the equipment is shut down for maintenance during a planned outage. It is...

    July/August 2012 Inspectioneering Journal

    Boiler and heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) tube failures have been the primary availability problem for operators of conventional fossil-fueled and combined-cycle power plants for as long as reliable statistics have been kept for each...

    Authors: Kent Coleman
    July/August 2012 Inspectioneering Journal

    The question of how to set risk targets is a logical one and should be addressed prior to or in the very early stages of RBI implementation. This article will guide readers through the basic elements required to address this question within an...

    Authors: Greg Alvarado
    July/August 2012 Inspectioneering Journal

    This is the last out of the ten articles in this series. Clearly, Continuous Improvement (CI) has a major role in achieving excellence in PEI&R. All the advances we’ve made over the years in achieving excellence in PEI&R stems from our continuous...

    Authors: John Reynolds

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