July/August 2011 Inspectioneering Journal
Date July/August 2011
Volume  17
Issue 4
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July/August 2011 Inspectioneering Journal Article Index

  • July/August 2011 Inspectioneering Journal
    By Cliff Knight, P.E. at KnightHawk Engineering, Inc.

    Once again there is a crack found in the inlet tubesheet in your high-pressure high temperature heat exchanger. As head of the maintenance engineering effort, you know that plant management will ask you if it can run safely and reliability until the next scheduled shutdown.

  • July/August 2011 Inspectioneering Journal

    On October 7, 2010, EPA maintained the November 10, 2010 compliance date for drilling, production or workover facilities that are offshore or that have an offshore component, and for onshore facilities required to have and submit Facility Response Plans (FRPs). However, EPA extended the compliance date an additional year for all other facilities to amend or develop a SPCC Plan until November 10, 2011.

  • July/August 2011 Inspectioneering Journal

    Tesoro Corporation (NYSE:TSO) today announced the release of the TOP (Triangle of Prevention) Investigation Team Report on the April 2, 2010, incident at the Anacortes Refinery in Washington State. The incident occurred when a heat exchanger in the refinery's Naphtha Hydrotreater unit ruptured, causing an explosion and fire that fatally injured seven employees.

  • July/August 2011 Inspectioneering Journal
    By John Reynolds at Intertek

    In the first article in this series entitled How to Put It All Together - Guide to Organizing a Successful PEI Program, I provided an overview of the necessary Management Systems for a successful program to achieve excellence in pressure equipment integrity. This is the seventh article in that series. Clearly, Codes and Standards have a major role in achieving excellence in Pressure Equipment Integrity and Reliability.

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