March/April 2011 Inspectioneering Journal
Date March/April 2011
Volume  17
Issue 2
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March/April 2011 Inspectioneering Journal Article Index

  • March/April 2011 Inspectioneering Journal
    By Del Underwood at Det Norske Veritas

    In the previous issue we dealt with the fact that bolts can withstand significantly less cyclic loading than steady loading. We are now looking at the mechanics of why bolts fail if flanges are allowed to separate during operation.

  • Equipment Vibration Problems
    March/April 2011 Inspectioneering Journal
    By Lyle Breaux P.E. at Stress Engineering Services, Inc., Eric Luther P.E. at Stress Engineering Services, Inc., and Scott McNeill Ph.D., P.E. at Stress Engineering Services

    The most common equipment vibration problems are often solved in industry without the use of specialty engineering resources. Routine vibration problems-from machinery imbalance and misalignment to simple cases of noise and resonance-are often addressed at the plant level without help from consultants.

  • March/April 2011 Inspectioneering Journal
    By Adnan A. Boudi, Ph.D, P.E., AVS. at SPE International

    Due to increasing market demands for stabilized crude, it is a high priority for oil handling and processing facilities to avoid production interruption. One optimization opportunity is to review our approach for scheduled facility Test and Inspection (T&I) during turnarounds or outages.

  • March/April 2011 Inspectioneering Journal
    By Greg Alvarado at Inspectioneering Journal

    Two technologies, immediately available to plant operators for fixed equipment life-cycle management are Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) and Fitness for Service (FFS), two best practices that optimally work together or can standalone. Both have abilities of scalable accuracy.

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