PRCI and Partners Complete Consolidated Research Program

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This article appears in the July/August 2010 issue of Inspectioneering Journal

In coordination with a team of research partners, including BP, PHMSA, GL Noble Denton (formerly Advantica), and Electricore, Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI) recently completed the consolidated program on assessing the remaining strength of pipe with external corrosion. The consolidated program consists of six (6) separate projects that all address external corrosion to pipelines, including High Strength Steels, Biaxial Loading, Cyclic Loading, Low Toughness Pipe, and an evaluation of the assessment methods used to determine remaining strength of corroded pipe. The culmination of the work is a Guidance Document that compiles the key findings of the individual projects. The Guidance Document was submitted to PHMSA in April 2010 and represents the final task of the program. Completing the Guidance Document is a significant milestone for PRCI and their research partners, concluding 6+ years of research and a key technical resource for managing corroded pipelines.

To ensure broad uptake by the industry and to make the results of this work publicly available, they plan to compile the reports/guidance document completed under the consolidated program in a compendium of research on the Assessment and Structural Significance of Corrosion on Pipelines. This compendium will be made available through the PRCI website in the coming months.

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