September/October 2006 Inspectioneering Journal
Date September/October 2006
Volume  12
Issue 5
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September/October 2006 Inspectioneering Journal Article Index

  • Extending the Life of an Offshore Pipeline
    September/October 2006 Inspectioneering Journal
    By F Egan at Zadco, D G Jones at PII Pipeline Solutions business of GE Oil & Gas, and J Healy at Macaw Engineering Ltd

    Active corrosion in onshore and offshore pipelines is an increasing problem. Consequently, pipeline operators regularly use intelligent inspection pigs to detect and size corrosion. Inspection data can be combined with probability based “Fitness-For-Purpose” assessment methods, to determine the effect of corrosion on the immediate and future integrity of the pipeline.

  • Fixed Equipment Reliability Assuring Excellence
    September/October 2006 Inspectioneering Journal
    By F. Walter Pinto at Lyondell Chemical Company

    This series of articles describes the elements for a successful fixed equipment reliability program in a petrochemical facility. These articles will address management systems, engineering practices, preventive/predictive maintenance/inspection systems, performance metrics and resources. The fixed equipment reliability program at Lyondell Chemical Company and a number of best practices developed as part of the reliability program will serve as much of the basis. Some success stories and lessons learned are shared.

  • September/October 2006 Inspectioneering Journal
    By Bob Baker at John H. Carter Co., Inc.

    The July/August 2006 issue of the IJ contained Part 1 on the integrity of salvaged, remanfactured and repaired control valves. This second part includes recommendations for the straightforward and efficient identification, abatement, and ongoing organizational awareness of potentially non-compliant control valves. To set the scene for Part 2 for those that might not have seen Part 1 or don't remember it, the introduction portion of this article reiterates the essential elements from part 1.

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