July/August 2006 Inspectioneering Journal
Date July/August 2006
Volume  12
Issue 4
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July/August 2006 Inspectioneering Journal Article Index

  • July/August 2006 Inspectioneering Journal

    This Case Study describes an explosion and fire in a polyethylene wax processing facility operated by Marcus Oil and Chemical in Houston, Texas. Structural damage and glass breakage occurred up to one quarter mile from the facility, injuring local residents; three firefighters were slightly injured. The CSB makes recommendations to Marcus Oil and the City of Houston.

  • July/August 2006 Inspectioneering Journal
    By Bob Baker at John H. Carter Co., Inc.

    Control valve damage resulting from severe service applications is typically recognized by visual inspection and corrective action (assuming such repair actions appropriately return the valve to its original design specifications and dimensions as covered in the remainder of this article). However, there are many process applications where gradual degradation of control valve surfaces or thickness may not be noticeably visible, possibly resulting in potential integrity failure (loss of containment) with potential injury or property damage.

  • July/August 2006 Inspectioneering Journal
    By Greg Alvarado at Inspectioneering Journal

    The Shell Martinez Refinery has been in operation since 1915, and is located 30 miles northeast of San Francisco on about 1,000 acres of land. The refinery combines state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to convert approximately 165,000 barrels of crude oil a day into many products including automotive gasoline, jet fuel, diesel, petroleum coke, industrial fuel oils, liquefied petroleum gas, asphalt, sulfur, and lubricants. The Shell Martinez Refinery has grown into a sprawling yet efficient assemblage of sophisticated processing equipment; modern control rooms; environmental protection facilities; shipping and receiving terminals for marine, rail, and truck cargoes; maintenance shops; office buildings; quality assurance laboratories; storage tanks; and warehouses. In some ways it resembles a small city with its own utilities, medical facilities, and fire department.

  • July/August 2006 Inspectioneering Journal

    One has seen the television commercials already introducing "2007 model year" vehicles; "totally re- engineered", "bold new styling", and "more standard equipment" to name a few. The release of the 9th edition of API Std. 510, Pressure Vessel Inspection Code, conjures up similar images although the clichés might be "completely redesigned", "improved technology throughout", but "same great engine". The 9th edition had its beginnings back when API Std 570, Piping Inspection Code, hit the road in 1993. The new piping code had clear organization and content geared toward industry's changing requirements. API 510, on the other hand, was a seasoned code tinkered with through the years. Numerous ballots added and changed words, sentences, and such. The code became a bit disjointed with so many changes and further, did not align with the piping code. Thus, the long term vision was to rewrite API 510 using API 570 as the model and align the two codes.

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