September/October 1997 Inspectioneering Journal
Date September/October 1997
Volume  3
Issue 5
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September/October 1997 Inspectioneering Journal Article Index

  • September/October 1997 Inspectioneering Journal
    By Cathy Shargay at Fluor Daniel, Inc., and Moh Hashemi at Flour Daniel Inc.

    At recent meetings with refinery groups, a tool that is typically used during the design and construction of refinery units was presented. Then, brainstorming took place on ways this tool could be used in the refineries for day-to-day operation, maintenance, and other activities.

  • September/October 1997 Inspectioneering Journal
    By John Reynolds at Intertek

    This is the fourth in a series of articles on piping inspection that I'm writing for the Journal. One of the previous ones dealt with improving thickness data taking accuracy with digital ultrasonic methods. This article is a "sister article" that deals with improving the accuracy of profile radiographic inspection techniques, also called isotope radiography, wall shots, or tangential radiographic inspection.

  • September/October 1997 Inspectioneering Journal
    By Michael Twomey at CONAM Inspection Inc., and Jay N. Rothbart at Conam Inspection Inc.

    This task though tedious and exasperating is a key part of the operation. Plant personnel often find ingenious uses and filing systems for key data such as UW 1 forms. The more remote the plant site is, the more extraordinary the hiding places. In addition, the adage "garbage in = garbage out" keenly applies. To avoid this concern, it is vital to quality assurance check the data prior to input.

  • September/October 1997 Inspectioneering Journal
    By Greg Alvarado at Inspectioneering Journal

    The amount of serious questions regarding the various technology options for implementing an effective RBI program is growing by leaps and bounds. I, for one, have seen many forms of what various organizations refer to as RBI. Remember that there are to the Risk equation, i.e. likelihood or probability of failure and consequence of failure. The effectiveness of the RBI tool is highly dependent upon algorithm design, especially parametric considerations and their relative effect on one another and your objectives.

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