January/February 1996 Inspectioneering Journal
Date January/February 1996
Volume  2
Issue 1
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January/February 1996 Inspectioneering Journal Article Index

  • January/February 1996 Inspectioneering Journal
    By Del Underwood at Det Norske Veritas, and Tim Munsterman at Det Norske Veritas

    Last issue, in keeping with the evaluation that "gussets are stiffeners, not strengtheners," we discussed welding around the ends of the gusset plate instead of just along the sides in order to reduce the stress concentration. A further improvement in the gusset life can be obtained by welding it to a reinforcing plate and/or a fitting instead of directly to the pipe.

  • January/February 1996 Inspectioneering Journal
    By Charles L. Foster at Pacific Gas & Electric

    A picture is worth a thousand words and thousands of dollars. There are many instances where in-service inspection reports are greatly enhanced by including photographic documentation. Using a conventional, high-quality 35 mm camera requires cumbersome amounts of equipment and consumes a lot of time. Developing film ASAP is an additional trip away from the inspection site and is an immediate necessity to ensure picture quality before the area is no longer accessible.

  • January/February 1996 Inspectioneering Journal
    By John Reynolds at Intertek

    There are a lot of vital roles in the success of any refinery or petrochemical process plant. But none are more important to success than that filled by the pressure equipment inspector (PEI). Years back, we recognized that world class pressure equipment integrity and reliability was critical to our success. Engineering management knew that if we didn't have that, we could not succeed in our business strategy, no matter how good we were at all other necessary functions.

  • January/February 1996 Inspectioneering Journal
    By Dr. G. Fulop at Maxtech International, Inc.

    A recent in-depth analysis of nondestructive Testing Services Markets indicates that after very slow overall growth in 1993 and 1994, these markets have resumed growing in 1995. The combined U.S. and Canadian market for nondestructive testing services reached $627 million in 1995 and is expected to grow to $731 million by 1999. The strongest growth is anticipated in the Chemical/Petrochemical and "Other" industries segments.

  • January/February 1996 Inspectioneering Journal
    By George Jones at ERA Technology, Inc.

    On-line condition monitoring concepts which have originally been applied to vibration monitoring of rotating equipment are now being applied to monitoring the structural integrity of power plant components. Market demand for more flexible plant operation is dictating the need to reduce operating costs by demanding increased run times and reliability and by reducing the length of outages.

  • January/February 1996 Inspectioneering Journal
    By Will Carter at ASME Post Construction Committee

    In June of 1995, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Council on Codes and Standards approved the formation of a new main committee, the Post Construction Committee (PCC). The action culminated the activities of a Task Group on Post Construction. The Task Group studied the need for post-construction standards for pressurized equipment constructed per ASME Codes and Standards.

  • January/February 1996 Inspectioneering Journal
    By Jim Yukes at Russell Technologies, Inc.

    The Remote Field Electromagnetic Technique, often referred to as RFEC (remote field eddy current), is used to identify corrosion in ferromagnetic tubes. Available for less than ten years, many people are not familiar with its applications.

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