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PK Technology provides turnkey, full service solutions to increase productivity, accuracy, and efficiency through our in-house developed mobile data collection software called intelliSPEC 3.0. intelliSPEC 3.0 is the first technology of its kind to fully automate the visual inspection process. Fully customizable modules and KPI's allow the owner to control their compliance with confidence. The ease of integration and the ability to recover your investment in 90 days, allows the asset owner the ability to reduce overhead up to 30% while providing real-time, accurate reporting free of human error. It's time to finally take the personality and individual characteristics out of the inspection process. PK Technology along with intelliSPEC 3.0 provides an unmatched solution to fit all onshore, offshore, chemical and industrial inspection needs.

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Corporate Headquarters
10811 E. Harry St.
Wichita, Kansas 67207 United States

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intelliSPEC 3.0 mobile data collection software easily integrates into your current system (PCMS, SAP, Maximo, Primavera, etc.) for real-time, accurate reporting free of human error. Control your compliance with confidence.

Inspection Services

PK Technology is the new era of service contractor that provides a streamlined approach using highly skilled and certified individuals to meet all your inspection needs. Combined with intelliSPEC 3.0, PK Technology is the only service contractor able to decrease your overhead up to 30%.

Workflow & Scheduling

intelliSPEC 3.0 can easily manage your inspection schedules. You can also establish a workflow for the inspection by creating hold points and inspection approvals prior to the information moving to the next person.

Custom Data Analytics

Using intelliSPEC 3.0's customizable data and KPI reporting, you will be able to analyze your inspection data, and manage the work efficiencies of your inspection and repair labor.

Controlled Inspection Forms

By using inspection forms customized for your work process and condition management, intelliSPEC 3.0 can provide all the required information for analyzing the inspection data without worrying about personality affecting the inspection results.


PK Technology is always searching for highly motivated and skilled candidates to join our growing team. Click the link to see how you can become a member of the PK Technology family.

PK Technology's Inspectioneering Content

January/February 2017 Inspectioneering Journal
By Justin Nickel at PK Technologies

Today’s intelligent technology can provide is interoperability, mobile data collection, cascading questions, picture referencing, photo annotation, data funneling and cost savings. Take a closer look at some of the benefits intelligent technology can provide.