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Operational Sustainability, LLC® offers forward-thinking companies an integrated solution to manage operational risk. Our powerful technology backed up with expert service from some of the best minds in the industry can help your facility achieve operational excellence at a sustainable cost.

OESuite™ is an enterprise platform that manages data across people, plants, and processes, enabling real-time management of operational risk. With over 40 modules covering process safety, asset integrity, reliability, and EHS, the platform offers out-of-the-box integration delivered in the cloud or on your server. Our flexible architecture allows for plug and play without the long implementation process, with results in a matter of days, not months.

OESuite™ delivers powerful analytics, mobility, and visualization to allow field personnel to assess and prioritize emerging threats. Multiple events are triggered due to the interoperability that is possible with an integrated solution. By facilitating a common understanding of potential risk, and identifying threats as they arise, OS technology gives managers a hands-on, unified approach to prevent costly equipment failure and safety excursions.

OS can help you create and implement the processes, management systems, and technology you need to proactively manage risk, enhance compliance, and ultimately increase profitability.

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Better Mechanical Integrity Outcomes

While the primary objective of Mechanical Integrity (MI) is minimizing the potential for loss of containment of hazardous chemicals, forward-thinking companies see it as a risk management opportunity to minimize waste and achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Explore the OESuite™ MI modules

Key OESuite™ integrations include: Inspection Summary reports and work notifications Preventative & Predictive Maintenance within Work Management/CMMS Equipment and the Asset Registry IOWs and data historians MI with Asset Strategy Management (ASM) Non-Destructive Evaluation data loggers

Explore MI Technical Content from OS

Operational Sustainability, LLC® offers MI business processes, standards, policies, procedures, and field guides. Our OESuite™ software effectively addresses all aspects of change from an integrated Operations Management System. OS offers 40 Mechanical Integrity technical standards.

Mechanical Integrity Articles

Explore OS's article library on Mechanical Integrity and how it supports an organization's overall goals and asset strategies.

APM: The Benefits of Next Gen APM 4.0

Explore our free deep dive brochure into Next Gen APM 4.0 and how it yields better outcomes, a stronger business case, and supports overall risk reduction.

Your Journey to Operational Excellence

Our Intelligent Operations framework enables the most advanced and advantageous view of OE 4.0. OE 4.0 takes advantage of the availability of cloud-based computing, sensors, artificial intelligence, and analysis to move companies from hindsight into their operations through insight to foresight.

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