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For Oil & Gas and Refining industries seeking to move from reacting to corrosion damage to a more proactive and effective approach, Honeywell Predict® Corrosion Suite provides the next generation of corrosion management solutions. Unlike conventional corrosion management methods, we employ unique prediction models that encapsulate deep expertise and extensive process data to correlate corrosion rates to specific process units, damage mechanisms, and operating conditions. Using Honeywell’s tools, global major companies have achieved significant operational and business benefits.

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Understand Asset Issues

Use prediction models/what-if analysis to identify critical corrosion locations, establish Integrity Operating Windows (IOWs) with respect to corrosion, plan & design to avoid corrosion failures, and optimize feedstock selection with visibility into corrosion impact.

Monitor Corrosion Rates

Correlate process changes to corrosion rates, know & correctly quantify the current health of assets, push operations to corrosion limits with visibility & assurance, and regard corrosion as a process variable.

Prioritize Corrective Actions

Deploy resources to support asset integrity and reliability programs, provide visibility for operations/management corrective actions, and ensure economic agility for feedstock and corrosion optimization.

Joint Industry Programs (JIP)

Honeywell Predict Corrosion Suite utilizes the work of our JIPs which enlists leading operating companies, engineering firms, and material suppliers to research common corrosion issues faced by the industry.

Technical Services & Laboratory

Honeywell’s world-class corrosion laboratory, the only facility of its kind in the industry, replicates real-world plant conditions and uses repeatable measurement data to generate accurate corrosion models. The laboratory also provides a host of standard and tailored corrosion testing services.

Honeywell's Inspectioneering Content

Top 5 Challenges in Corrosion Management

With Honeywell’s free e-book, you will learn about the top 5 challenges in corrosion management and how Honeywell’s next generation of Predict Suite software integrates extensive research with predictive analytics so you can leverage real-time process data to improve performance.

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