Preventing UT Couplant Fires

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Echo Ultrasonics Couplant Solutions Center: We are committed to providing the highest-performance, safest couplants and to helping you select the right couplant for every application. 50 years of developing and manufacturing the worlds leading NDT ultrasound couplants enable us to provide you with the most cost effective, highest performance, safest couplant for your application. Let us recommend and send samples of the right product with today's technology for your specific application.Our broad line of couplants includes EchoTherm Extreme, the only couplant with an operating range up to 1250F / 675C, and EchoPure, a solution to Phased Array (PAMUT) defect variability.

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Preventing FIRE in Inspection Ports

Preventing inspector injury, facility shutdown and the risk of igniting explosive gasses, Echo Ultrasonics has the most complete offering of high temperature couplants for inspections over 350F. The right operating range and viscosity couplant improves safety, lowers cost and reduces inspection time

Phased Array Defect Reproducibility

EchoPure improves Phased Array defect reproducibility and eliminates missed defects due to Phased Array Probe coupling failure. EchoPure eliminates dry spots under the wedge (which generates false reflections and noise) , leading to more reproducible results.

AUT Fluid UT Couplants

Eliminate FIRE, smoke, residue and premature runoff with AUT fluids. Echo offers the broadest range of range of fluid UT couplants for all AUT inspections. Selection criteria include viscosity, operating range and water solubility requirements.

Complete Line of Couplants

UT couplants for all ambient and elevated temperature inspections. From the most economical couplant to the highest performance to water-free couplants for P-91 steel inspections, we can help you select the right couplant for every inspection.

Specialty Couplants

For difficult inspections that require high acoustic impedance, shear wave, reduced surface noise or extended service life for sensors, we have the right couplant. Complementary samples and expert advice available to help you select the right couplant.

Powder UT Couplant

Powdered UT couplants provide an economical solution for travel, remote access inspections and storage limitations. All EchoMix Powders are easily mixed in ambient temperature water in five minutes, have good wetting properties and are compact for shipping and storage.

Echo Ultrasonics's Inspectioneering Content

Auto-Ignition of Ultrasonic Couplants During Thickness Gauging and Corrosion Mapping
July/August 2016 Inspectioneering Journal
By Gene Larson, President at ECHO Ultrasonics

This article details the basis for the lack of understanding about the potential for ultrasonic couplant auto-ignition and outlines an ALARP operating practice for mitigation.

SuperSoniX™ - A New UT Couplant with a Historic Name
Press Release
Echo Ultrasonics, March 25, 2019

Echo Ultrasonics announces a couplant that improves electrolyte stability and reduces the tendency for the polymer to collapse when exposed to corrosion or marine salts, resulting in less reapplication of the water-based gel during a test procedure.

New Fluids for NDT can eliminate fire, smoke and residue
Press Release
Echo Ultrasonics, February 27, 2018

Echo Ultrasonics has recently become the exclusive distributor of SpectrumGlide AUT-NDT Fluid Couplant in the U.S. and Canada.

API Subcommittee on Inspection and Mechanical Integrity to Address the Auto-Ignition of NDT Ultrasound Couplants
April 24, 2019 By Gene Larson, President at ECHO Ultrasonics

UT couplant auto-ignition is a surprise event that puts the safety of inspectors at risk. In an effort to reduce occurrences, API SCIMI plans to address this issue by including new paragraphs in the upcoming rewrites of API RP 572 and API RP 574.

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