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Cenosco (IMS: Integrity Management System)

Company Profile

Cenosco is an asset integrity management software company with over 20 years of product leadership in the Oil and Gas and Petrochemical industries. Their IMS suite of solutions currently ensures the integrity and reliability of several hundred assets in over 50 countries.

IMS is their Suite of software solutions is made up of multiple products to cover a range of asset-specific needs. IMS supports users in making smart inspection and maintenance decisions to increase safety, maximize asset availability and optimize asset management costs. Their products include Reliability Centred Maintenance (IMS RCM), Pressure Equipment Integrity (IMS PEI), Pipeline and Subsea Systems (IMS PLSS), Flange Connection Management (IMS FCM), Safety Instrumented Systems (IMS SIS), and Civil Assets (IMS Civil).

Their range of solutions covers all equipment types and your asset-centric processes. Cenosco had its start in the industry, creating unique solutions for world-renowned Oil and Gas leader Shell. This collaboration eventually led to the commercialization of the IMS Suite for the broader Oil and Gas operators to run their operations efficiently, safely, and as sustainably as possible whilst promoting their digital transformation journey.

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Corporate Headquarters
Bezuidenhoutseweg 12
Den Haag, 2594 AV The Netherlands
088 383 0023

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