Bayport Technical

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Bayport Technical specializes in designing and manufacturing a wide variety of training tools such as glass training demonstrators, acrylic training models, cut-away valves and pumps, and a variety of working units for instrumentation, process technology, maintenance, distillation, and more. Our equipment is created with the intent to provide hands-on education, training, and experience for both students and industry personnel.

Our business is located in the heart of the refining and chemical processing center of the U.S. Gulf Coast, in La Porte, Texas. We offer an array of advanced proprietary training resources, such as: glass and acrylic working demonstrators, a large assortment of cutaway models (valves, pumps, compressors, electric motors, and more), static visual models (steel, acrylic, and glass to name a few options), custom process trainers, working instrumentation units, working distillation trainers, maintenance trainers, and custom designs at the client's request. Our manufacturing and design team is more than happy to discuss building a customized unit for clients (both established and potential), and all external proprietary content is kept secure and confidential.

We are committed to providing our clients innovated products, customized services, and advanced skills to fit your needs anywhere in the world. Call us at 281-471-1229 to discuss your training needs. From that moment forward, you will know you have a partner in advancing your training and educational programs.

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Corporate Headquarters
905 S 14th St
La Porte, Texas 77571 United States

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Our Custom Process Trainer (CPT)

These units are built to replicate real-world operating equipment and consist of separate functions all integrated into a compact, effective training unit. Contains pumps, tanks, piping, level control, pressure control, flow control, temperature control, and a PLC (programmable logic controller).

Our Distillation Training Unit (DTU-1)

The DTU-1 is an operating unit in the same way that a crude unit in a refinery is an operating unit; the DTU-1 does not duplicate any particular unit or system but is instead a representative system that can be related to any specialized system in the full-scale plant.

Our Pump Demonstration Training Model

Our PDTM-2 is a see-through training model which includes a variety of features that can be used to train operators or instruct students on the workings of a centrifugal pump. By manipulating the suction, discharge valves, and the RPMs, you can demonstrate cavitation and other pumping phenomena.

Our Fluidbed Catalytic Cracking Unit

Our FCCU can demonstrate cyclone flooding, flow reversal, fluidization, catalyst density, cat-to-oil ratio, the importance of a rapid quench riser outlet, and possible situations that may arise due to problems with the dip legs.

Our Distillation Training Towers

Our Distillation Towers (DTT-5 and DTT-6) are designed to demonstrate the process of liquid traveling downward coming into contact with vapors (gas bubbles) traveling upward thus allowing the cooler liquid to condense any heavy compounds out of the lighter vapor stream.

Our Working Heat Exchangers

Different colored water streams can be circulated through the shell side and the tube side to simulate the workings of a real heat exchanger. Our transparent Heat Exchangers provide the option of complete dismantling and reassembly to show individuals the internal components and positioning.

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