API University Training Programs

E²G | The Equity Engineering Group, Inc., September 10, 2019

API University is dedicated to providing excellence in petroleum industry training. E²G|The Equity Engineering Group, Inc. has a contract with API to deliver training programs for Fitness–for–Service (FFS), Risk–Based Inspection (RBI), Damage Mechanisms, and Pressure Relieving Systems.

Damage Mechanisms

This Damage Mechanisms training course covers an overview of basic metallurgy and a description of the most common refining processes. Its major focus includes detailed discussions of the key refining damage mechanisms addressed in API RP 571 and examples of equipment damage and failures. It also includes discussion of typical Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) methods applicable for detection of damage related to the specific damage mechanisms. Many problems can be prevented or eliminated if the precursors to damage are observed and monitored so that any potential damage is mitigated. This training course will teach attendees to identify Damage Mechanisms and Potential Risk Areas. The instructors will discuss the background and logic behind the document and provide relevant case histories.


This Fitness-For-Service training course will provide attendees with an introduction to API 579-1/ASME FFS-1. This training course covers all of the sections of API 579-1/ASME FFS-1 with a focus on the Level 1 and Level 2 assessment procedures. This course provides a discussion on damage mechanisms and the importance of identification, inspection techniques for flaw characterization, and an overview of remaining life, remediation, and methods to extend the life of damaged equipment.

The instructors will discuss the background and logic behind the assessment procedures, guide the students through select example problems and discuss the procedures and solutions in detail. Typical problems solved include brittle fracture, general and local metal loss, pitting, blisters/HIC, weld misalignment, crack-like flaws, and creep.

Pressure Relieving Systems

This Pressure Relieving Systems training course will provide attendees with practical experience involving Pressure Relief Devices (PRDs). This training course covers proper sizing, selection, and installation of PRDs to ensure adequate overpressure protection is provided and reduce hazards if a PRD discharges. The course content includes 3% inlet pressure drop requirements, sizing of PRDs in two-phase flashing service, and operation of PRDs and the effects of back pressure on valve stability and performance. In addition to the API 520/521 Standards, the course also covers protection of atmospheric storage tanks per API 2000 Standard and boilers per ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code, Section I. The instructors will discuss the background and logic behind the document procedures and intersperse some example problems.

Our training course materials are developed and instructed by subject matter experts – many of whom are principal contributors on the relevant API committees.

Risk-Based Inspection

This API-Branded, Risk-Based Inspection training course gives attendees the basic understanding of RBI principles, recommendations, requirements, and the methodologies of API RP 580 and 581.

With a heavy emphasis on API RP 581 technology, students learn how to apply RBI technology to processing equipment by determining the probability of failure, the consequence of failure, risk, and how to plan for the equipment’s next inspection. Additionally, the instructors facilitate discussions on developing an RBI program using industry best practices to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes when implementing and maintaining your RBI program. Typical risk reduction and cost benefit analysis of RBI programs are also presented. Finally, the instructors present a detailed, comprehensive example problem to demonstrate the step-by-step risk calculations for a typical pressure vessel using the methodology of API RP 581.

For more information or to register, click here.

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