Innovation through Collaboration

By Nick Schmoyer, Vice President and Technical Director at Inspectioneering. September 2, 2014

As the head of Inspectioneering’s technology department, I am fascinated by the technological advancements we see in this industry every day.  However, even I frequently find myself overwhelmed by the sheer volume of new software solutions, technologies, networking platforms, mobile applications, etc. being made available to the industry.  It seems as if a new innovation is announced each week, and I often feel as though keeping up with these newly available technologies requires more hours than there are in a day. 

Don’t get me wrong; not only am I a proponent of innovation, but I also believe that our industry must continue to evolve and improve its practices, methodologies, and technologies in order to continue its growth into the 21st century.  The key here is that these innovations should improve the industry, and the only way this can happen is through coordination between technology developers and end users.  To paraphrase a quote attributed to Bill Gates, innovation requires collaboration and communication between creators (innovators) and their customers.

Inspectioneering has strived to improve the ways in which we deliver information to you, our loyal readers.  We’ve worked directly with clients from both the owner-operator and service sides of the industry and have sought feedback with every innovation.  When it comes to accessing, consuming, and processing information, we have learned one universal truth: everyone is different.  Some of our readers prefer the print or PDF versions of Inspectioneering Journal so they can physically tab and highlight pages that provide something insightful. Others want to read individual articles on the website and search additional material that is connected by similar topics.  And with everyone appearing to be busier and busier these days, it is no surprise that a growing portion of our audience prefers condensed forms of information like our weekly e-newsletter, this blog, or Asset Intelligence Reports

The takeaway here is that we don’t want to build a better mousetrap for the sake of building something new.  We want to work with each of you to create channels that allow you to access the information you need in ways that you prefer. We want to adapt our practices and products to fit your schedules, work requirements, time constraints, and personal tastes.  As such, Inspectioneering is always looking for your feedback.  If we are doing something you don’t like, tell us! I assure you we will do everything we can to fix the problem.  Alternatively, if we are doing something you do like, let us know. Regardless, it is always nice to hear from our readers.

Keep innovating!

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